Love of Books also Means Love of Bookstores.

I could spend hours just walking around a book store, just touching books. Dreaming of getting my book here, but also wishing I had more time to read. I had hoped to find some videos of readers getting excited at a book store or something like that. But only one video came up.

If I am ever in Louisville, I am going to find this bookstore. Just the line about their children’s reading hour where each child goes home with a book won me over.

Locally I love to participate in Mysterious Galaxy’s events, their annual birthday party, their various book signings, and talk to them in the vendor rooms at a couple small science fiction conventions here. They do specialize in mysteries and science fiction, and I so wish they could throw Romance in there. Until recently, they would come to our Romance Writers of America local chapter meetings and sell books written by the guest speakers and club members. But the rules at National RWA changed or were made stricter, and we complied.

Here’s a great idea! Open your own bookstore! Well, we all may wish to do so, but there is a need for good business sense and full time focus on the store. Ann Patchett (an author I am sorry to say I haven’t read before) opened her own bookstore and this video shows the wonderful place that resulted.

Will bookstores disappear in the future? Most folks my age or older, even those who love ereaders, swear they will never not buy hard copy books. But the trend is possible, younger folks learning to read now with textbooks on ereaders or phones may see no use in a bound copy of words written on paper. Here’s one possible future view.

I’m a fan of President Obama, and I am not open to political discussion on this blog. If he continues to push the Small Business Saturdays by visiting bookstores, perhaps more people will look closely at the good this campaign can do.

And that’s a short mid-week post on readers and bookstores! See you on Sunday,


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