School of Dreams

Many writing workshops take place on line, and that’s amazing and fun, but wouldn’t it be awesome to go away somewhere and be able to focus on what you were taught?

Imagine a creativity workshop in Dubai. Surrounded by wealth and grandeur, where could your mind go?

This creative training isn’t just in novel writing, but in memoirs and photography, story telling and map making. In Crete!

Writers without Borders has workshops coming up in Lake Como, Italy, and Lismore Castle, Ireland. Writing in an Irish castle? Take me away!

In case you can’t decide where you want to go to be inspired and taught, why not hop on a cruise ship? This incredible offer includes a reasonable monthly payment option and a Baen editor on board! Trapped with a few hundred writers! All this and the Bahamas, too.

Of course, I’ve always wanted to go up north, see whales and bears and moose, oh my! An Alaska cruise where the whole family is welcome would suit me perfectly.

Dreams are what writers are made of, and while none of these workshops are in my budget this year, I will tuck the knowledge away that they exist. Have a great week!

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