Sex is a Many Splendored Subject

Side Note: I rejected the following titles for this post: Sex in a Nutshell. Sexes for Dummies. Everything You Always Wanted to Write About Plus Sex.

Those of us of a certain age had to sit through wonderful slide shows explaining the World Of Puberty and the Parts We Can’t Touch in grade schools. I certainly hope things are better for school children today. Since I went to a Catholic school, I also got a good dose of Eve Caused the Worst Evil Ever So That’s Why You Girls Menstruate.

Those days certainly were simpler. For instance, there were only two sexes. Hetero boys and Hetero girls. All of us wanted to find someone of the opposite sex, get married, adopt some kids, and go way into debt for a house and a car or two. Oh, we didn’t know exactly how the boy parts and the girl parts got together to make babies, so adoption seemed the best option.

I’m here to tell you, as a writer, anything you can imagine can be fit into a story. Beside two sexes, what if there were three? In this scenario, all three would contribute something to the eventual offspring. And then imagine if a single organism can reproduce. Snails are hermaphrodites, another intriguing sex. Still, they have some exchange of sexual material, but there’s always a possibility. Imagine having to tell your family you knocked yourself up.

Recently, being homosexual has been an interesting choice. And by choice, I don’t mean the persons involved had any choice, I mean the author has made the choice to write about two men in love or two women in love. From what I’ve read, there’s not a whole lot of difference, as far as emotions and stages of intimacy.

I have a few story ideas zipping through my back burners that involve bisexuals. One for all and all for one, style of thing. I remember the first time I felt some attraction for another woman, and wondered if my life would go in that direction. Oddly enough, I do like women and can find them attractive, but at the end of the day, I am horridly normal. Maybe that’s one reason why I write.

To be complete, I need to mention polysexual, pansexual, and polyamory, very complicated (to my untrained mind) and distinct situations. I’m handing this one over, so to speak, to Uncle Wiki.

Recently, thanks to Scribophile, I learned about asexual people, also called ace. I am fascinated. As a child, events happened that led to my sexuality being rewired slightly. Sex is an integral and necessary part of my life. So to think there are people who don’t experience any sexual urge is so amazing. On Scribophile, just hearing the basic plot idea on one story has me thinking about this, and also reconsidering my sympathy to historical figures who never married. Maybe that actually worked for them.

Sex parties and orgys recall the 60s and 70s, and even the days of ancient Rome and Greece. Guess what? These events, if you can believe the internet, and I think we know the answer to that one, are still happening! An interesting thought that every person who arrived at the party could be evaluated as a potential sex partner.
Again in fiction, especially those dealing with witches and magic users, and forms of Wicca, group marriages or triads are explored. Open relationships allow for the bonded members to pursue relationships outside the group. Closed ones do not. Line marriages were not invented by livestock breeders, apparently. Who knew? Some Pacific Island cultures allow a man and his brothers to marry a woman and her sisters, and not keep track too much of who did what to whom. Another type of line marriage adds new spouses every decade or so, as a guarantee that the marriage will never end. That’s a sobering thought for some.

And so, class, what have we learned today? Well, primarily, we learned that anything the mind can imagine, the mind can weave into a work of fiction. We also had the opportunity to learn that snails lay up to 100 eggs at a time. And the reason some snails have been endangered is due to needing a boy and a girl to reproduce. Possibly some habitat issues as well, but really. Lesson learned, folks!

See you on Wednesday.


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