The Street Where You Live

I love my local chapter of Romance Writers of America. I might not always have the same opinions of the other members, but they usually make me laugh. For instance, our speaker last Saturday was saying, “Let’s assume your name, the name you write under, is not on the tip of the tongue with people on the street.” One of my table-mates leaned over, and said with a straight face, “That depends on the street.”

Now I am thinking about streets. In the Regency romances I write, I have to find information about London in the early 1800s, I’ve had to search out the best route from Yorkshire to the nearest port city, and I’ve searched and searched for the correct location in Dorset for the cottage I speak of.

Here is the very best thing I ever found on the web for that: When I am rich, these people are getting lots of donations from me. I love maps. In fact, Windrose refers to the compass rose or compass star on older maps.

Looking for the most dangerous streets in the world, I found depressing, mortifying statistics at this site: Think of how many stories there are in these communities. It’s the only way to live with this.

To make up for it, here are videos and photos of the most beautiful streets in the world. What tickles me is the idea that anywhere in China has an old town.

And everyone’s favorite voyeurs, Google Street Scenes:

What about the safest places on earth? For the most part, they are places most ordinary people can’t get to. Fort Knox, for instance.

As I write romances, guess what’s the next thing I Googled?!1-intro

I hope you have had some fun in checking out these links, and I leave you with a meditation video to help you relax, raise the consciousness of the earth’s people, and find inspiration for your writing. See you on Sunday.


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