Dear Miss Austen

When I blogged about memory on Sunday, I got the idea for that from the book, Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict. Well, when I Googled that on Good Reads, the site suggested a few other books in a similar vein I might like. And a few that almost seem impertinent.

I did read Sanditon when it was first completed and published. I enjoyed it, and could not tell where Miss Austen’s actual writing stopped and the completing author’s started. And I have toyed with a few ideas for novels based on the untold stories in her novels. Like Elizabeth Bennet’s sister Mary, whatever became of the poor dear after her parents were gone?

And oh, what if Colonel Brandon passed on and Willoughby were a free man at the same time? Rats, someone has already written that one! Willoughby Returns. Well, close enough, as Jane Odiwe doesn’t kill off Brandon.

We Jane addicts do so love Elizabeth Bennet, and with the idea of seeing some of her life as Mrs. Darcy, here’s a good idea! The Darcy Cousins.

Similarly, what could life be like for Georgianna Darcy with her brother married? As Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister she should be able to have whatever she wants! Or should she?

And yes, my dear Mary Bennett has her own story already committed to paper, in A Match for Mary Bennet which I have to put on my must read list.

How romantic it is to think of a brilliant author like Miss Austen, and the men who must have loved her. The Man who Loved Jane Austen takes a charming look at that idea, and is another one on my list.

Do you ever wish Jane could have written a lusty, funny book with Lizzie and Darcy? The thought hadn’t occurred to me, but it did to the author of The Trials of Honorable F. Darcy.

Well, the vein of ideas has been mined extensively, and why not? I could do with a new Austen book of any sort every now and then. Why does the discovery of all these send ups and take offs not discourage my own inspiration in that area, but only make more ideas grow?

Have a good week, and I’ll be back on Sunday.


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