Maybe the Moonlight Causes It

Writing a novel or short story or anything in a historical setting lays many restrictions on the writer. For example, my female nerd in the Regency era has very little chance of being able to study the areas of Roman occupation of Britain that she would like to. And very little went on that we would recognize ourselves as archeology. Digs were just starting to be done with any record keeping worth noting.

Likewise, my star-gazing hero in another story needs to carry his telescope and other equipment with him wherever he goes to look at the stars. He would particularly dislike the full moon we have now, but perhaps the eclipse would have distracted him enough. Or perhaps he would be moved by the moonlight to kiss the woman he loves.

I’ve been distracted from all my writing this month by a resourceful, bold, mischievous young woman who convinces her older twin brothers to take her to a gentleman’s club. Being just as mischievous as she is, they take her to a brothel. Yes, it’s complicated. However, as this story is erotica, she does have her very first orgasm.

I made people laugh in my posts on Scribophile trying to think of what terms a 19 year old woman in Regency England would use in thinking about her lady bits. “Opening” seemed to be the right balance between flowery and crude. Then to go on describe the sensations of a climax certainly took research. On a side note, my husband wants a t-shirt that reads “Research Project.”

In my search for real-life revelations of this type, I found this wonderful article from the Huffington Post: Don’t miss the slide show at the bottom of the page on the health benefits of orgasm. As if we needed any more excuses!

Moonlight played the role of calendar in times past, telling women when they should expect their “courses” and men when the tides would be to their benefit in commerce or battle.

But if you stayed out in the moonlight, you would risk becoming a lunatic: The moon took the blame for much of the unrest and discontent in the past. In modern times, we just write a song about it: and take advantage of the beauty to fall in love.

Have a good week, and I will return on Sunday.


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