Sexual Dealings

I am working on erotica set in the Regency period. Don’t ask me where the idea came from, but when I mentioned my need for quick income, a friend told me that self published erotica would be my best bet, and if the writing was good, there would be nothing to worry about.

So boom, the idea came to me, and now I am struggling with my heroine. Not the hero, he’s a good guy who had a bum rap in life through on fault of his own, and while he wouldn’t mind having sex with a beautiful 19-year-old, he won’t do it unless they are married.

My heroine, we’ll call her Ellen because that’s her name, has been raised mostly by her father and two older brothers. Father distrusts learning, so while she has had lessons in drawing, music, and French, she is not allowed to pursue her interests in philosophy, politics, and business.

My problem is, finding herself alone with a nice, attractive man, would she want to explore her sexual feelings? So off I go to Google sex drive and sexual desire. The best information comes from Canada! Who knew polite sex could be so arousing?

Ninety percent of adult women have sexual fantasies. I so wonder about the other 10%. Anyway, there are people who experience hyper-sexuality, but they usually have had some life experience that brings that on. However, just being overly impulsive can lead to sexual explorations.

Maybe she has observed the servants engaging in some sort of snogging. In looking for a slang term to use for snogging, I discovered one of the more comprehensive lists: and this: But there don’t seem to be any cant expressions for the simple act of cuddling and kissing. To bill and coo might just have been in use, according to this site:

Most lower servants were prohibited from marrying, not only by the disapproval of the employer, but also by the low wages they earned. An absolutely wonderful person who has been very kind to me posted this on her blog: which is extremely helpful.

What I think will unfold is this: Ellen observes a footman and a maid kissing. She begins to follow them around, and eventually observes them actually clicketing. (Go look it up at the second link, I’ll wait.) And so, when alone with a man she finds attractive, she begins to explore this interesting pastime.

Thanks for helping me work through this dilemna. Back on Sunday for the next leg of our trip around the world by books.


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