The Joys of Sexy Writing

I write erotica. Whew! Glad to have that out in the open. And night before last I wrote a scene that was so hot I had to go outside to cool off afterward. The problem is, I put too much plot between my sex scenes. Research has given me two great examples to follow so I can cure that bad habit.

Example number one: Antique Porn! Lustful Turk: Or Scenes In The Harem Of An Eastern Potentate (Wordsworth Classic Erotica). Written in 1828 by A. Nonymus, the story is told through letters, mostly, and involves (Gasp!) anal sex! There doesn’t seem to be a hero, however, and the evil Algerian who performs the anal sex pays a great price for it. Little did he know he had kidnapped the ancestor of Lorena Bobbitt.

Moving right along, this book review is a work of art in itself. The actual novel, Beyond Desire by Thea Devine, was first published in 1993, but reissued in 2003. There are actually tons of fans of this book, but I suspect they haven’t read the whole thing. They just mark the sex scenes and read those over and over. Nothing wrong with that!

I like this review and plot summary because it points out that the story doesn’t have to make sense, and if you need more conflict, you can just wave your magic writing implement (NOT a euphemism) and invent an evil cult, bracelets that do nothing and mean nothing but are super important to everyone, and kill off a central character whom no one seems to miss. Except the evil anal sex aficionado. (Still not a euphemism)

I’ve been reluctant to write anal sex in my erotica, really reluctant, but now it seems that is the only way to tell the readers which character is the bad guy. Maybe I can just have the villain say, “I want the deed to your ranch because I love anal sex!”

Problem solved! See you on Sunday.

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