Inspiring Music To Write By

If you are a writer and you aren’t a member of Scribophile, you are missing out. I lead a group there called Writers Who Love Romance, and I am privileged to have some of the most creative, zany, talented, and horny women and men in the group. We’ve got a couple threads going in the group forum called the Candy Dish where we post links to photos of hot models who look like the main characters in our novels. This has really helped me visualize my writing.

A very interesting and popular thread started by my blog hop buddy Mika Jolie ( has members making playlists like crazy. What music is a theme song for your main characters? What inspires you to write romance, or action, or mystery?

I hit something of a blank wall with this, as my writing is set in a historical time period when rock and roll wasn’t even a glimmer in anyone’s eyes. But there were country dances, waltzes, and Scottish airs of particular popularity. I have yet to decide, too, if I must listen only to period music while writing. For instance, a story idea that is tucked away for now was inspired by a Nickelback song, Savin’ Me.

Find a Way by Safetysuit is good.

Interesting, In Safe Hands by Badly Drawn Boy

Very nice version of Ellie Goulding’s Hanging On

Got a hero who’s flawed? Like a Storm’s Break Free is good! (Why have I never heard of them before this? Love the Way You Hate Me is great, too! )

So, I was saying about period music. And Scottish folk songs were very popular. But probably not The Ghosts of Culloden. Bonnie Prince Charlie was a romantic figure, but still.

This list of Irish and Scottish songs is nearly perfect!

A few beautiful Strauss waltzes:

And the odd bit of popular music: And now I’m in the mood to write. See you on Sunday.


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