Another Pause

Sorry to stall our trip around the world by books again. But I need time to scope out the remaining countries and find the best stories set there. To fill this spot, let’s see if there are fun things to learn and look at involving vacations.

Books! Maybe your first thought isn’t pleasure that you can read on your vacation, but I could not go anywhere without a book. And if I were going to be gone more that two days, I would need a couple of books. And a word search book. So there are lists of books to read on vacation. Because doesn’t everyone take two weeks in Hawaii or the Bahamas? Sorry, going to the Hawaiian BBQ or the Caribbean booth at the street fair does not count.

Fodor is a name associated with travel books and such. But here’s a great list they put together on 10 Books to Read on Summer Vacation: I want to read them all, but numbers 5 and 7 top the list for me.

The New York Post is selling you the 29 Best Books of the Summer: I do like their definition of R&R.

I notice a little over-lapping of titles, which is good. This list is mostly unique from the other two:

Of course, there are some pretty awesome movies about vacations. My favorite is Weekend at Bernie’s. And I’m glad to see it at the top of the list, even though I disagree with a few of Complex’s other choices.

Rotten Tomatoes has a similar list: and just in case you aren’t a single young adult or a teenager, here is a list of vacation movies for the whole family: (nice to see some foreign language films in there)

There are other things to take care of when planning a vacation trip. Especially if you have pets. And if you want to take your pets on vacation, you can always claim the animal is a service animal. Bring Fido can give you some ideas of places that welcome a dog without subterfuge.

If you’re visiting the western states, Sunset Magazine has a list of the top 22 places to bring your dog. and Pets Welcome has information about traveling with cats for the masochists in the audience.

What about the house while you are away? Or what if you can’t afford a fancy hotel or time share? You are in luck. There are a number of services that will match you as a home owner or a sitter, like House Carers. And then there’s Home Sitters America.

Let’s say you only want to watch really nice, over the top estates and such. Look at Luxury House Sitting for a job just about anywhere, from Honolulu to Normandie, France to – La Mesa? Wait, I was born in La Mesa. That can’t be a luxury house area, can it?

Check and see if you have the luggage you need. These days, it’s pretty hard to get everything you will need packed and checked onto a plane, even if you are only sleeping over at a friend’s house. Fodor (remember Fodor?) has a list of luggage they reviewed with an eye to checking it on the plane.

And here’s a similar list from Smarter Travel for carry-on bags:

Of course, when you get back, you’ll have stories like these to tell:

Possibly these, if you are flying.

I am assuming you already have a camera to take on vacation, and not leave somewhere. So you can look at photos like this to remind you forever of the trip.

I’ll see you on Wednesday to announce the look of my heroin. So far, there have been no votes for any of the choices. That means I can pick my favorite. Have a good week.

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