A Special Announcement

My pen name is Roxanna Haley, and I have published two books in a series. They are available at these links:



Regency Banquet – Entree: Pure Captivation is available on Amazon and Smashwords today. Written under my pen name of Roxanna Haley, the story of the Curtis Family continues.

In Regency England, the Curtis family has walked the narrow path between merchant and gentleman. Mr. Curtis is proud of his twin sons and only daughter and hopes for good matches for them. They, however, have their own ideas of how their lives should be lived.

In Appetizer: Pure Seduction, Miss Ellen Curtis risked her reputation and her heart to shake off the limits society puts on women. Dressed as a boy, she meets David Cooper in a house of prostitution. Somehow, it all works out for the best.

In Entree: Pure Captivation, Mr. Roland Curtis, heir to the Curtis fortune and business, convinces his twin to take his place and purchases a commission in His Majesty’s army. He soon learns that war is not as romantic and exciting as he had supposed, then he is nearly killed and captured by French refugees in need of some cash. He pledges his ransom and parole so he can help them get to freedom. His interest is fixed by a young girl in the group, one who wins his heart and captures his love.

In Dessert: Pure Elation, Mr. Bernard Curtis learns that Roland, in disguise as Bernard, has gone missing in action and is presumed dead. The Curtis family pulls together to comfort each other, which certainly helps when the twins’ exchange is revealed. Meanwhile, Ellen goes into labor, and Bernard can’t seem to make up his mind as to how he feels for his cousin, Amelia Winter. (Due Out Soon)

Mouth-watering Erotica in Three Removes


In addition, Roxanna Haley and D.L. Hungerford have contributed to The Bowman’s Inn Anthologies.Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance with a touch of erotic spice. These anthologies are currently being reenvisioned and polished, so look for the new, improved volumes to be out later in 2016.


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