Google-Fu: What did YOU Google today?

Scribophile has become my writing home, sweet home. My buddies there understand when I post that I need reassurance as a writer, they all bought my “friend’s” book and will no doubt buy the next two in the series. We talk about finding time to write in our busy lives, and tricks to get away with more time than the family thinks we take. As I showed recently, we post pictures of beautiful people who inspire us to write our novels. And we help each other with difficult research questions. For me, that was figuring out where Napoleon was and why he wasn’t where I wanted him to be. Sheesh.

But for simpler questions, we do our own research. We turn to Google. So when someone started a thread asking “What did you Google Today?” the answers were as wide and varied as our group’s ages and cultural make-up.

I was looking up movements of the French Armies in the early 1800s, groups of gods in Greek, Roman, Norse, Hindu, and Japanese Shinto religions, musical notes, signet rings, diet products, typing benefits, hand writing to improve memory, famous parrots and suggested reading titles.

The rest of the group’s searches included yoga positions, men in uniform, hot and sexy military men, and dog tags. There was a search for brown paint colors, road rash, ethics of dating your employer, and VCH piercings. (Not for the squeamish or under 18.

Many searches were for personal interest, and not so much part of a story. Big horse race and Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, fun fall outdoor scavenger hunts, and football.

Lots of us spend time on dictionary sites and thesaurus sites. Someone needed another word for tears. The name of a character in Metamorphosis got some screen time, the history of gay bars, and an abstract about mental imagery as an emotional amplifier in bipolar disorder. Yeah, that is so not me.

The last mentioned search was performed by the same person who washed her hands in carbolic soap and tried to describe the smell. Sex toys and cattle ranching made the list. Attractive foreign exchange students as well.

And this song: Little Red Ridinghood by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. That takes me back to my teen years. But this cover? Totally modern, and a dreamy song. Thanks, Amanda Seyfried!

And of course, fresh eye-candy for the Candy Dish. I’ll be back on Sunday.


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