NaNoWriMo, Why do you hate me?

Okay, NaNo doesn’t hate anyone. I just have the usual love-hate relationship with the event that most writers do. On the surface, 1667 words per day doesn’t sound that bad. I write that much in Facebook messages and Scribophile critiques easily. But this has to be about one subject, the novel. The new novel you started for NaNo. Oh, wait, I don’t have time for a novel.

Yeah, I have to fit in the revision on a short story for an anthology, the sequel to my “friend’s” novella, and two blog posts twice a week. Plus keep track of the group blog and coordinate all the details for the contracts and stuff for the anthology. Yikes!

Wait, I’m retired now. My day is my own. (Yes, all you retirees who know better can laugh now.) As soon as the house is clean, the yard is in shape, the birds are fed fresh foods, the garage is sorted out, I find my husband’s missing hoodie now that the weather is colder, and I read all the books my friends are publishing, I’ll have time to write.

For now, I am putting the NaNo novel first so that I reach the daily goal. I’m a bit behind today, and predictions say I won’t finish until February 4th. I need to write 1823 words to finish on time. So once I get 2000 words per day I will get my anthology short finished, because it shouldn’t take much time to finish it, and others are depending on me to get it all together.

Then I can work on the sequel to Regency Banquet – Appetizer, which is Regency Banquet – Main Course. And you know what, now that I am retired I don’t care who knows that I write racy stuff under the pen name of Roxanna Haley! There, I feel so much better!

The NaNoWriMo site has a to-do list for the first week, but it doesn’t seem to take into account the fact that some people have other tasks then writing. I’m lucky to not have small children or worse, teenagers, to deal with right now. My feathered kids can be put in their cages and covered for short spells if need be. As long as my Amazon Maynard can have access to my feet now and then, he’s happy. That was probably too much information, huh?

I wish I had chosen another novel to work on, but my shape shifters were more insistent than my captian and farm girl characters, or any of the others in the crowded waiting room in my mind. But IF I keep up my NaNo system and write a full novel each month, then things will move along quickly and more ideas will see the light of the computer screen.

Theory vs. Practice is what we have here. And I will be back on Sunday.


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