That Certain Feeling

I am not referencing the 1956 Bob Hope movie or the 1925 song written by George and Ira Gershwin and sung so beautifully by Ella Fitzgerald. I’m talking about the instant connection some couples feel the moment they meet.

Personally, I had a mild case of it when I met my husband, but if he had been unmarried, I might have let myself get into the experience. As it is, every time I see him, I get a feeling of gratitude that he picked me. In many Romance novels, the certainty of the feeling plays a role in the story.

I was lucky enough, as I think I wrote before, to hear author Brenda Novak speak at an RWA meeting not in November. I happened to have a copy of a book from her Whiskey Creek series, The Heart of Christmas. As an introduction to the Whiskey Creek gang, it’s not bad. I certainly will be finding the rest of the series for future enjoyment. But I imagine the story would touch me more if I had been familiar with the two Main Characters when they were secondaries in other novels. And that might be more than I could take, because this has me crying and laughing almost every other page. Ms. Novak brings together two of her people who have loved and lost and now think there is no right love for them in the world.

The story has one of the great openings of all time, and balances on instant attraction between Eve and Rex. Both end up doing things they usually wouldn’t do, because of that certain feeling. The feeling of certainty that being with this person is right.

The reader takes a while to realize why that attraction is there, that this person fulfills something vital that is missing in each of their lives. That staying away from each other, the policy their brains want to follow, is not an option according to their hearts. And that feeling.

My NaNo project, which I certainly should not have started when I did, also works on that certain feeling. Ash knows Romela is the one, the second he catches her scent. Being a shape shifter, he has better abilities of sight, smell, and hearing. Romela has been through some very bad times, and is trying to get her son back. She just doesn’t recognize Ash at first as the one true love of her life. But once they shift and get to know each other as jaguars, she gets it. She’s certain. But she can’t stop the journey she started, not yet.

Some readers have been puzzled by this instant connection between them, which means I haven’t done a good enough job yet of setting the stage and motivating the MCs. So I will be reading more books with that instant connection and spotting the way the author makes it clear. Should be fun!

On Scribophile, a member of the Romance group, Writers Who Love Romance, shared this video of Jennifer Lopez because David Gandy is also in the video. The song is titled First Love, because she wishes he had been her first love so there would not have been a second, third, or fourth love. Romela only had one other lover before Ash, but I think this still works as her theme song. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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