You Might be a Heroine IF!

Stealing shamelessly from Jeff Foxworthy, I sat reading a Regency novel recently, and noted a behavior in the heroine. Then I read a hockey romance (yeah, my newest addiction) and saw the same behavior. Thinking back, there are lots of things that apply to the heroines in romance novels. At least 85 %, to be honest. Here’s the ones that popped into my brain.

You Might Be A Heroine IF – you enjoy doing things that most women in your position would not think of doing. Such as galloping in Hyde Park during the peak of the social hour. Or taking long walks in the country without a chaperone. Even reading serious books about politics and philosophy. (Side note, a critiquer once complained about heroines always loving to read, to the point that it seems a cliché. Well, we all love to read. And we have television, movies, computers, and so on to choose from. In Regency England, reading was one of very few entertainments allowed to young women. If you had half a brain, you would love to read.)
You Might Be A Heroine IF – whenever the hero’s unfashionably long hair falls into his eyes, you can hardly resist brushing it back for him. Dude, buy a comb!

You Might Be A Heroine IF – you are extremely poor but have a kind heart and pure soul. And you are still fascinating to the men in your life.

You Might Be A Heroine IF – you have brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, even nieces and nephews who might have their own romance story to tell. It’s awesome because then you and your true love will get to make guest appearances in those future stories.

You Might Be A Heroine IF – you are willing to sacrifice your love and you chance at a happy ever after in order to do something noble for the man you love. You may cry afterward.

You Might Be A Heroine IF – rather than buy yourself a new dress or shoes, you spend all your income on seeing to the old family retainers who have been more like family to you than your actual family.

You Might Be A Heroine IF – there is something unusual about you. You had a foreign parent, or are dark when the fashion is for blonds, are thin when the fashion is for plump armfuls, or are witty when women should be vacuous and should not speak up.

You Might Be A Heroine IF – there’s a spark in your heart to write a story about an unusual woman who makes a difference in the lives of those who read about her.

Best wishes for your own Happy Ever After. I’ll be back on Sunday.

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