My Train of Thought has a Nice Baggage Car

Pinterest is both great and horrible. Great in that I can find models that match what I think any of my characters look like, and then make it easier to describe them. And horrible in that I waste a lot of time looking at half-naked men, tall ships, and funny goat pictures.

I like to find a model who has lots of pictures up on Pinterest and elsewhere, so that I can get lots of ideas of what the person looks like happy, sad, dirty, tired, etc. I apparently found a one-shot wonder in my model for David Cooper. The young man, terribly good looking, is Russian and only the one photo of him is available. (David is the hero in my published novella, Appetizer: Pure Seduction from the Regency Banquet series.)Featured image

That happened again with my choice for Valentine Archer in the Bowman’s Inn Anthology. Stunningly good looking, but no match on Google Image Search and no information on who he is. I even looked at page after page of sexy blond men hoping to find the original photo I pinned. No need to thank me, I sacrificed my time willingly.Featured image

On the other hand, my model for the Curtis twins in the Regency Banquet series is Parker Hurley, and not only is he eye candy with amazing ink, he’s had lots of photos posted on Pinterest. I grabbed so many, I think I should start a folder or board or whatever they call it just for him.Featured image

But that’s only peripherally what this post is about. I watched a great movie today, a docudrama about sled dog racing. The Spirit of the Wind is about George Attla, Jr. Probably the only actors in it that you will have heard of are Slim Pickens and Chief Dan George. But the movie didn’t need bigger names to be moving and entertaining. And the best parts are that some of George Attla’s actual relatives had roles in the film, and there is a post script at the end to tell you what happens between the end of the film and present day.

I went looking for the film because Buffy Sainte-Marie, an idol of mine since high school when her great song Welcome, Emigrante accompanied a civics film on immigration. She did all the soundtrack music for Spirit of the Wind, and won a number of awards. I was reminded of her when I searched Pinterest for a Native American woman model to be Amanda Boone in The Bowman’s Inn anthology.Featured image

I also discovered another song by Ms. Sainte-Marie, Indian Cowboy in a Rodeo. Sadly, Pinterest has zero photos of Indian Cowboys in Rodeos. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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