Need Input!

A writer cannot write in a vacuum. Cause all that dust and the bad smell would be distracting, not to mention the noise. That’s one reason I love Scribophile. A whole gaggle of my fellow writers live there, just waiting for me to interact with them. That’s my story.

Just this past week, we learned the meaning of many English surnames.
Very Interesting.
And information on how to grow your social media network:

A bunch of us are taking a great on-line class starting on Monday January 12th about self-publishing: so expect to see more book reviews from this crowd. Especially the ones who signed up for Write or Die:

One of the best things about the group is the recurring Play List. Songs you listen to when writing, or go to when you need inspiration. Yeah, inspiration is what Hozier is all about in Take Me to Church.  John Legend exactly captures the feeling of a man who loves a woman but doesn’t understand her with All of Me. Josh Kelley needs you because you are Home to Me. (Had to listen to his version of Mandolin Rain because it was on the same page. Nice. )

Glen Templeton sounds like a country boy, so that may be why I missed this beautiful song, Let Her Go. I have no idea why I haven’t heard of Chase Holfelder before, he has amazing vocal vibes. And his trick of switching from a major key to a minor certainly does alter the mood of the tune. Every Breath You Take never chilled me before.

We also use visual inspiration, like, well, naked David Gandy. That works for character development, but what about the setting? For instance, my shape shifter romance will take place in Cuba, but I haven’t been there. So I use Google and the like to find out what I need to know.

And travel sites are great for lists of romantic get-aways. Most romantic and beautiful places, like Hawaii, have their own web sites.

What if we could combine the class, the resources, the music, the scenery, and get away from it all to write? Sounds expensive. Aren’t there retreats for romance writers in the US? Seems like most of those are hosted by RWA chapters. There are conferences and book events. Here’s a pretty up to date list:

That should be enough input for now. Get back to writing. I’ll be back on Sunday.


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