Contract Negotiations

My husband and I know we are two of the luckiest people on this planet, and maybe several others. Against all odds and oddities, we found each other. Two nerds. One married and a smoker, the other single, fat, and forty, we started talking online (before the internet, on a local bulletin board system ) and fell in love. Just like Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett.

The way Mike proposed to me was to ask if I could put up with him for the next 60 years, with an option to renew. This kind of silliness is exactly why I loved him then and love him more now. I’m not saying our life has been an easy, no bumps, no slippery slopes journey by any means. We’ve been a blended family, we weathered unemployment twice, and until the right drugs were prescribed for me, I shouldered depression all too often. We raised his two youngest children together, with mixed results. I love them both and accept their willingness to have me in their lives at the level that makes them comfortable.

We lost pets, and if that doesn’t bring a couple closer together, nothing will. We learned that some things are important to me (holidays and birthdays) but not so much to Mike. And something that is important to him (beer) is not that high on my list of interests. And we learned to be flexible.

I had just been writing romances for a couple years when I met my soul mate, and interestingly enough, I stopped writing during the early years together. Writing for me was a way to replace the missing romance in my life. But once Mike brought that alive for me, writing took a back seat.

Sometimes I regret that I stopped, because the chances are good I might have been published by now. However, now that self publishing is available and no longer carries a stigma, I am published, so it’s all good. And because writing is such a deep part of my makeup, I never really stopped. Ideas went down on slips of paper, I used humor when I wrote out minutes for various groups, and I offered my writing services for my peers at my job.

Now don’t think that my relationship has simmered down or gone cold. That’s not the reason I am writing romantic erotica. In fact, this is what my life with Mike is like, in my mind: Yes, in fact, Mike does look just like David Gandy to me.

In March of this year, we will celebrate 20 years of being together and in love. We happened to talk about it, and I told him I am glad we have 40 more years left in our 60 year contract. “After that,” I said, “We should renew year by year.” Mike: “I expect we will just renew ad infinitum, until the world or either of us ends.” Me: “That works for me.” “Mike: “So, do you want to renegotiate now and leave it that way?” I did.

And so we are set, and it’s written on our hearts. Thanks for reading, and I will be back on Thursday.


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