Photoshop of the Mind

Last time I mentioned that my husband looks just like David Gandy to me. Few other people see the resemblance, but that’s their loss. Or perhaps I am using Photoshop. In my head.

I’m sure you have seen a movie or a TV show where one half of a couple is looking at the other half and seeing their favorite movie star. I have a good friend that I have known for many years, and whoever she was dating or married to looked just like whoever her favorite celebrity was at that time. And maybe she always picked guys who looked like Oliver Reed. I just had more trouble seeing it than she did. My version of Mental Photoshop produced a different picture.

As a writer, I need to use my Mental Photoshop on the job, picturing my characters as living people, seeing them interact with each other. I use Pinterest like a fountain of inspiration. I spent lots of time this week looking for a character who will be in a short story, his ex-wife, their two kids, and the woman he dates, plus the town sheriff.

The world is growing up, or maybe culture is growing up. I watched some comedy shows from the late sixties, and the issues of race and political processes are mind-boggling. In one sketch, a white woman and a black man get married in Mississippi. The preacher, instead of saying “May I have the ring?” says, “May I have the noose?” Funny but not really, because that was the truth of the times.

My hero is a white man who fell in love with and married a black woman. They have two daughters. The wife is conflicted about who she is and who her children will grow up to be. She decides to leave my hero, and they divorce. But he never falls out of love with her.

He is set up on a date, and decides to go through with it. The woman is a beautiful Latina, a business woman who applies for a job at the hotel the hero is remodeling. They just don’t work out, and so she goes to console herself with an old friend, the town sheriff. A very all-American looking blond with blue eyes.

There’s more to the story. You don’t expect me to give it all away, do you? I hope when you read the story that you will be impressed with how it all works out.

And if anyone asks, my husband sees me as – Ta-Da! Me. He’s not a writer. I don’t even know if he installed Mental Photoshop. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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