Relationship Age

On Valentine’s Day, my beloved husband and I took a long drive because we enjoy staying off the freeways and just taking in the scenery. Even though the route wasn’t new, there always is something new to see and observe.

We stopped for breakfast, and I observed the couples around us. Regardless of the ages of the participants, I thought I could tell the age of their relationship. Of course, there’s no way to prove what I surmised, but I also will never need to provide evidence of what’s true.

Couple #1: Male and female, young looking, nicely dressed. They sat facing each other, talked in normal conversational tones, and seemed to apologize to each other frequently. The young woman was very pretty, and the young man, also fairly attractive, couldn’t take his eyes off of her. I guessed this to be their first date or an early date. Perhaps even their first face to face meeting. She touched her hair a couple times, and he just stared at her. Sadly I didn’t get to watch much more interaction as we were seated somewhere else. But the signs observed tells me this is a new relationship, and it could go either way.

Couple #2: Male and female, middle age, well dressed, sat facing each other. Their conversation was quiet, except when the noise in the restaurant increased and they had to talk a little louder. They made eye contact and laughed a few times together. I would be surprised to find they had been together less than 10 years. They appeared comfortable together, anticipated each other in subtle ways like passing the salt and asking for more coffee. A nice and mellow couple, and happy together.

Couple #3: Male and female, young, he had very short hair and the build I associate with the military. She wore a very skimpy top and short skirt. They touched each other constantly, talked quietly face to face. I observed them while waiting for a table, and from the way he walked off at one point, and she waited only a few minutes before going to find him, I think they have a new relationship that maybe moved too fast for one or both of them. They need reassurance of a physical kind, not just an affectionate touch but an anchoring one. They might have issues they will work out, but then again.

Couple #4: Male and male, not too young, professional looking for breakfast, but very involved with each other. Seemed shy about showing their attraction to each other in public. And I have no way of confirming that they were a couple. They could have been really good friends, but there just seemed to be something more going on.

Couple #5: Well, Mike and me. Somewhat large people, obviously in love, kissing, touching, laughing, being coy, tasting each other’s food, and just having a great time. This is a lasting relationship, not new, not in any trouble. It’s just like heaven.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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