Books for the Sick Bed

I am not a happy person right now. I can’t even remember to feed the cat, let alone plot my upcoming story. And when I am trying to sleep, the story I need to leave alone for now keeps popping into my brain. Ow!

There’s a special place in my memories for the books I read while I was sick and had nothing else to do. Well, I had lots to do, just could not stand up for very long at a time. Let me tell you, the stranger the book, the better it gets with a fever.

Frank Herbert’s Dune. I had graduated high school and was stuck in a mess of a life. Overweight, didn’t drive, didn’t have a job except on Sundays at a church nursery. My mom had to drive me and then pick me up. I pretty much handed my paycheck over to her, but it got me out of the house. So being sick and reading a book about weird political maneuverings, families hardly worth having, and drugs and so on seemed to be the best match ever. When I watched the movie Dune years later, I was impressed with both how much I remembered and how much I forgot.

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Somewhat later, when things had improved for me, I was ill and didn’t have a television set. I started reading the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, and loved the whole three books. Again, being pulled in and out of different life or death situations without being able to say anything to prevent it or cause it to happen correlated with my fever and living alone.

I’ve never done drugs, outside of the cough medicine I currently am taking and things of that nature, so being sick is the only reality changing device I’ve used. If you have ever seen Frank Zappa’s movie 200 Motels, you’ll appreciate a comment by a friend who was the epitome of a child of the 60s. “It’s just as strange without the LSD.”

So what am I reading now with this current bout of fever? If you haven’t discovered Yatzee Croshaw, you are in for a treat. I had just started Mogworld when I came down with the Creeping Ick, so managed to finish it quickly. The biggest problem lay in the fact I kept falling asleep without turning my reader off on my phone. Ran down the battery more than once. I’ve moved on to Jam, an amazing story kind of tied in to Mogworld by one character, but totally different. It’s us against the strawberries in Australia. His humor is sharp. His characters remind me of people I have known, too. Geeks and gamers, what can you expect?

In all of these books, there have been romantic elements of some sort. Paul Atreides’ Mother Lady Jessica defies her teachings to produce a son for the man she loves. Paul and Channi, his Fremen concubine. And we’ll move on because the rest of it is pretty unhealthy. In The Chronicles, Thomas is deeply in love with his wife who left him for most of the book. Then he rapes a young woman, destroys her sanity, and fathers a daughter on her. The daughter has her own sick agenda for her father, but hey, it’s all a dream to him, and he pretty much does what he wants. Then he discovers the true love in Linden Avery. Well, it’s not a romance, so there is no guaranteed HEA.

Mogworld surprised me with the romance element and I won’t give any of that away. You have to read this book. Also I am not done with either this cold or Jam, but I think I see who is going to end up with whom.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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