Happy Authors are Happy

Last summer I so wanted to get a bunch of great people together, pitch an anthology idea to them, and get some great, sexy stories out there to be read by the public. My idea became a reality, and we had a total of ten great sexy stories ready for a winter release date. However, my fault lay in not realizing my editor and husband didn’t have the free time needed to edit that many stories. Winter fell apart, some of the authors thinking that putting out erotic stories was a bad idea and others just not having the time to put in so that they were truly proud of their product. Continue reading “Happy Authors are Happy”


Sitting is the New Smoking

How long do you sit at your computer and write? Or surf the internet? Or read and answer email? Do you even know? Well, if you don’t take a break every two hours and get your heart rate up a bit, chances are you are shortening your life. Yes, sitting too long can increase your risk of several types of cancer. Yet no one is up in arms about it, or providing diabetics with trackers that nag them to get up and walk every two hours. So it’s up to you to take care of this part of your health. http://www.nbcnews.com/health/cancer/heres-just-how-bad-sitting-around-you-n132471 Continue reading “Sitting is the New Smoking”

Romance Writers Love Sex in the Morning

If you ever have the chance to take a workshop with Louisa Bacio and Tara Lain, don’t miss the opportunity. They work so well together that the workshop I took at the California Dreamin’ Writers Convention kept us entertained as well as providing great information.  Their workshop came up first on Saturday, because, you know, sex in the morning. Continue reading “Romance Writers Love Sex in the Morning”

Yin and Yang and Story Balance

I am unbelievably gifted to know Lisa Kessler through my local chapter of RWA. She’s amazing. A talented speaker, knowledgeable teacher, and willing mentor, her workshop on Black Moments gave me some much needed directions for my works in progress.

One would think writers know these things, but until that workshop, I never got it that your Happily Ever After is only as sweet as the Black Moment is horrible. You need a BIG moment when all is lost, and there had to be indications that it would happen from the beginning of the story. Continue reading “Yin and Yang and Story Balance”

Ethel the Pirate’s Daughter or Balancing Backstory

In the great romantic movie, Shakespeare in Love, the title character is writing a play which he calls Romeo and Ethel the Pirate’s Daughter. Of course, it soon becomes Romeo and Juliet, and there’s no bit with the dog, but the character arcs are fascinating and well written.

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But if you were writing a story about a woman named Ethel, and you didn’t want to waste pages and pages setting up the back story of her life as a pirate’s daughter, you could save some time by using the above title. Continue reading “Ethel the Pirate’s Daughter or Balancing Backstory”

Have You Hugged Your Brain Today?

April Kihlstom is a genius. She has absolutely discovered the truth and the process of getting out of her own way. At the California Dreamin’ Writers Convention this year, she presented a four hour workshop (actually a Book Camp) titled A Book in a Week. I said before that it should be called A First Draft in a Week. Still, the advice and the process works. One just has to be able to set up a week with little or no distractions. Continue reading “Have You Hugged Your Brain Today?”

Back to the Book List

I advertise this as the list of books from the California Dreaming’ Writers Convention, but I am dipping in to all the workshops I attended as well. It’s very hard to separate them. And I am a total noob at conventions like this. Put me in a science fiction fantasy horror steampunk anime convention, and I know the ropes. But, well, things were in the brochure that were invitation only. One had to win a place in the sessions at the drawing held that morning. One event caught my eye, and even though it was scheduled late in the day, I went to the suite to hear M.A. Taylor sharing Cop Tales. Oh,yeah, this lady is who I want to be when I grow up! I crashed the event, but luckily someone who had actually won a ticket could not make it, so I was allowed to stay. I am not likely to ever write a cop story, but I may have a detective wander into a story. The most important thing I learned was that the San Bernadino International Airport is favored over LAX by many celebrities and sports teams. Continue reading “Back to the Book List”