Yin and Yang and Story Balance

I am unbelievably gifted to know Lisa Kessler through my local chapter of RWA. She’s amazing. A talented speaker, knowledgeable teacher, and willing mentor, her workshop on Black Moments gave me some much needed directions for my works in progress.

One would think writers know these things, but until that workshop, I never got it that your Happily Ever After is only as sweet as the Black Moment is horrible. You need a BIG moment when all is lost, and there had to be indications that it would happen from the beginning of the story.

In my Regency Banquet series, the second book has a black moment for the hero, when he is accused of spying for the French, and locked up under guard in a bedroom next to the woman he loves. He hears the man who raped her enter the room. He can’t protect her, he’s not even sure he can save her from being raped again. Featured image

For her, the Black Moment is similar. She’s unprotected, and the rapist has knocked out the guard outside her door. She has to find the courage to save herself, but even then she’s much smaller and weaker than her attacker.

Oh, no, you’ll have to wait to see how it ends. I had to dig deep into their heads to see what they most fear or keep secret. The least you can do is wait till the book is published.

Lisa Kessler said If you don’t set a goal, you’re never disappointed. Disappointment is part of life, for us as writers and for our characters if we make them real, rounded individuals. We have to care about these imaginary friends if we want our readers to do the same. When they reach that Black Moment, they MUST change, they must realize something about themselves that they didn’t want to face, and overcome that flaw or weakness. That is what life is all about, in my opinion.

Featured image

And you must balance the Black Moment with the Sweet Moment, in equal measures. Readers want to know that all will be well and that true love will triumph over war and hate. Maybe not for the world at large, but for the hero and heroine, yes. Emphatically, yes!

Lisa Kessler has a great web page where you can learn all about her “Dark, Passionate Paranormals” and sign up to take on-line classes! http://www.authorlisakessler.com/online-writing-classes/ I’m looking forward to getting all the books in her Night series, especially Night Child. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21408412-night-child That cover is pure magic.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.Featured image

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