Romance Writers Love Sex in the Morning

If you ever have the chance to take a workshop with Louisa Bacio and Tara Lain, don’t miss the opportunity. They work so well together that the workshop I took at the California Dreamin’ Writers Convention kept us entertained as well as providing great information.  Their workshop came up first on Saturday, because, you know, sex in the morning.

Tara Lain ( writes wonderful Male/Male romances, sometimes M/M/Female, and sex that doesn’t quit is her style. She even has a touch of paranormal in there. Doesn’t this just get your heart racing? From Winter’s Wolf – “Winter Thane was raised on the two cardinal rules of werewolf existence: don’t reveal yourself to humans under penalty of death, and there’s no such thing as a gay werewolf.” Soon available on audiobook. Oh my, better keep the car windows rolled up for that one.

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Louisa Bacio ( ) gives away See’s Candy to her fans, and tempts us with paranormal erotic same sex, or not, rolicking tales. Her series, The Vampire, The Witch, and The Werewolf is up to at least Book 5. And about her 1Night Stand series, one reader review stated, “This is a reminder to live life before it’s too late.

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The workshop title was 10 Rules for Writing Love Scenes Readers Won’t Skip. Hold the phone, readers actually skip the sex scenes? If there’s not enough variety in the action, perhaps, and if there’s not enough emotional engagement between the participants, yes, they will. This is not the definition of “page turner” we’re looking for. Soon the whole book could be skipped, and that’s too bad.

So Rule #1 is, the engine of romance is tension – sexual and romantic. Think of your favorite romance story. He sees her, he likes what he sees, but she’s the daughter of his boss and off limits. She sees him, dislikes the way his eyes rake over her, and the way that look makes her feel. But she can’t stop herself from finding ways to be in his office, or at the company holiday party. You want them to get drunk and end up naked in the supply closet. And if they almost get there, but don’t, well now we are hooked. It will happen, but when and where?

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I am not going to give you the rest of the rules, because it’s not my workshop. I hoped to give you a link to the places where these two talented authors might be giving it again, but Louisa’s workshop page is out of date, and Tara doesn’t have one. So you will just have to subscribe to their newsletters and catch them when you can. You will be so happy when you have.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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