Sitting is the New Smoking

How long do you sit at your computer and write? Or surf the internet? Or read and answer email? Do you even know? Well, if you don’t take a break every two hours and get your heart rate up a bit, chances are you are shortening your life. Yes, sitting too long can increase your risk of several types of cancer. Yet no one is up in arms about it, or providing diabetics with trackers that nag them to get up and walk every two hours. So it’s up to you to take care of this part of your health.

Writers are nearly first in line for this problem. It’s really hard to be jogging with a laptop. And once we get in the groove with a story, taking a break is just going to ruin everything. Sorry, it’s not going to be as bad as a hospital trip. Know your mind has a plan, and the story will be as good as new when you get back to it. Another good choice is to have a desk that allows you to work while standing up. Yes, that’s a simple solution.

My dream is a treadmill desk, because I have some pounds to evict. And my husband and I have envisioned a stationary bike that generates electricity as you ride, allowing you to power a laptop, video game, ereader, etc. (Sadly this desk is out of stock)

Featured image  Bet his name is Joel.

Have a pair of weights near your desk. Use them when you walk to the restroom or kitchen for water. Upper body strength is important to work on as you age. Oh, and now the strength of your grip is used as a measure of how long you will live.

In my weight-loss support group, we have a few folks who have problems with their arms and shoulders, probably due to a lack of flexibility in the rotator cuff. Here are some great exercises with weights for improving that exact problem. When I look into his eyes, I want to believe. My word, he could be the inspiration for a hero in my next book. What were we talking about?

Featured image  Oh, Doctor!

And here’s a simple way to get stronger legs, butt, back, and overall conditioning. You start with 10 seconds and every day add another 10 seconds. How easy is that? Take this 30 day wall sit challenge and see if you don’t feel way better.

Thanks for reading. Now go run around the block. I’ll be back on Thursday.


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