Happy Authors are Happy

Last summer I so wanted to get a bunch of great people together, pitch an anthology idea to them, and get some great, sexy stories out there to be read by the public. My idea became a reality, and we had a total of ten great sexy stories ready for a winter release date. However, my fault lay in not realizing my editor and husband didn’t have the free time needed to edit that many stories. Winter fell apart, some of the authors thinking that putting out erotic stories was a bad idea and others just not having the time to put in so that they were truly proud of their product.

I regrouped with those who were still interested, pulled in another talented author or two, and targeted Spring. I found an outside editor who had great prices, and one of the authors designed a beautiful cover for us. On April 18th The Bowman’s Inn Book One – Spring sprang to life on Amazon.

Featured image   My local chapter of RWA lets members put swag and announcements up about our books.

Here’s the blurb: In the city of Anteros, you might find yourself at the Bowman’s Inn. You could be lonely, hurting, or lost more than you know. The bartender, Valentine Archer, will know just what you need. He not only looks like a Greek god, he used to be one. Cupid prefers to be called Val these days. But he still knows how to mend a broken heart.

Featured image  The bartender at The Bowman’s Inn.

Six authors have combined their talent to bring you a collection of tales with romance, mystery and maybe a little humor. The delightful short stories feature characters who own or operate the facilities of the Bowman’s Inn or are just passing through. Whatever the case, Cupid has a way to help each of them find what their hearts require.

Spring (The Bowman’s Inn Book 1) If you want to get the anthology, this is the link to Amazon. We’d really appreciate a review, because that makes the book world go around.

Featured image  I love this cover!

And just to show you what amazing writing is going on there, here’s my excerpt from my story, Another Shot (writing as Roxanna Haley)

“Mandy?” Val opened the door and walked in.

She blinked upward, finding his eyes. That steady blue gaze seemed to steal right into her heart and stop that organ from beating. He’d never used her name before. Was he leaving, now that the bar would be taken from her? “I still want to be your Boss Lady,” she whispered.

His smile lit the room. He placed the pouch of money on the desk, and sat in the chair facing her. “You’ll always be my Boss Lady.”

You can read more excerpts from all the stories and see pictures of how we think the characters look. Go to Facebook and search for The Bowman’s Inn or click this link. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bowmans-Inn/605666446205352

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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