Head to Toe Health

Not many weeks ago, a friend invited me to hike around the San Diego Safari Park with her. After we exhausted ourselves walking, we took the tram ride around the large open spaces. That was how I realized my years-old glasses needed to be updated. I could hardly see the incredible sights out there, including a gazelle that was born within 40 minutes or so of the tram passing by.

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Eye exams are an important part of our health routine, since eye strain can lead to headaches with can leech all the creativity out of a person. My optometrist also has a camera that photographs my eye inside, and can watch for signs of a stoke or heart attack. My results showed my eyes changing from near sighted to far sighted, and no signs of anything new coming along. I do have slight cataracts starting, so my doctor insisted I wear those Solar Shield sun glasses. You know, the ones that fit over your regular glasses? I’m doing okay with them, just not thrilled with the look. I can pay lots more and get hand painted ones, but for now I will deal. http://solarshield.com/

Next on my personal health improvement journey will be a dentist appointment. It’s been years since I had my teeth cleaned professionally. I have that common fear of dentists, not just of pain, but of the looks of astonishment at the state of my teeth. The ones I have left are in pretty good shape, and thankfully I haven’t lost any in my smile range.

I do get a new toothbrush head on my battery operated brush every two months, which cuts down on the bacteria growth found there. I also use a pre-brushing rinse so that I can get rid of as much yuck as possible while brushing. And for a long time now, I haven’t had any issues with teeth hurting or getting an abscess. But I still need to see a dentist and someday actually get implants to replace those teeth I lost.

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Gum infections have been linked to heart disease, so brushing and flossing regularly are easy things you can do to improve your health. http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/features/periodontal-disease-heart-health So put a note up to remind yourself to brush if you need to. If you are already a regular with this habit, congratulations!

The last thing that I need to invest in concerns my feet. Did you know that the very best exercise equipment you can invest in are a pair of good shoes? Here’s a list of the best walking shoes for 2015. Because new technology happens all the time. http://www.the-fitness-walking-guide.com/best-rated-walking-shoes.html

I love the advice there to take the time to go to a fitness footwear store and let the sales clerk measure and analyze your feet. It mentions “the shape and design of your feet.” Really? I doubt my feet were designed! When I was 18 and overweight, I walked 19 miles in one of the very first charity drive walks ever. The Walk for Mankind was a heap of fun, but at the end I was limping and in pain. I didn’t have good shoes for walking, just flat tennies. Years later, a doctor told me I had broken a bone in the foot, so even now I have some serious pain when I don’t warm up, stretch, use muscle rubs, and wear really good shoes. Whatever design my foot started with has long since been overridden by my happenstances.

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Luckily I walk at the mall in bad weather. And there are shoe stores there that will help me out. It’s easier to get new shoes and glasses than go to the dentist, but all these things are important to your health. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


A Good Time was Had by All

When you get an idea for a novel, and you write that novel, and you publish that novel, you are only starting on your journey as a writer. You are now required to tell people about your novel. Lots and lots of people.

There are some good ways to do this. There are some bad ways to do this. A good way is to get folks to blog about your book. Another is to tweet about it. And about the blog posts. A bad way is to pay someone a lot of money to review and blog, and then not get anything back on the investment.

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Lucky for the six authors of The Bowman’s Inn Book One Spring, we found an awesome party planner for four hours of fun on Facebook. Author Elf has an amazing variety of services to offer writers who are just starting out and need a little help with publicity. Lisa Kessler was our elf, and she made things sparkle! http://www.authorelf.com/menu-of-extra-services.html

We had a few bumps due to my lack of understanding which direction the earth is turning. I got the party times backwards, so at the last minute we changed the times and that worked out nicely. But don’t think those four hours were all fun and games! There was some sweat involved.

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I set up my laptop next to my PC, and logged in once as DL Hungerford and once as Roxanna Haley. I attended the party as Roxanna, author of Another Shot in The Bowman’s Inn Book One Spring. I had a nice collection of cute animals in party hats to throw out, and lots of eye candy to share. Plus I was in charge of posting the excerpts we used to tempt folks into buying our book. Oddly enough, some people did not appreciate the tarantula or python in party hats. Go figure.

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In four hours, we managed to give away lots of swell swag (tote bags, tank tops, gift cards, bar glasses) and get all six story excerpts up. All the authors managed to be there except for Louise Redmann. Louise is our only author in Switzerland, and like me, time zones are not her friend. She was seriously bummed when she realized she had missed it all.

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The evil Lisa K. put each of us authors on the hot seat, and let the audience ask ANY QUESTION they wanted to ask of us. Most of the people there were cool, but some of our former best virtual friends got a bit cheeky. You can still read all the fun, it will be up forever, or as long as Facebook exists. https://www.facebook.com/events/1442272569407058/

We rocked the house for the whole night, ever our elf got distracted by all the eye candy, and we have sold a whopping 3 books since then! Okay, so the party wasn’t the stepping stone to instant fame that we thought it would be. But it was fun, and we’re looking forward to going again for the SUMMER book in July. It’s like a four hour orgy without the sex or condoms. And you can participate at home in your sweats. Sweet.

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Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

You Know You Are a Writer If

Don’t imagine that I lump all writers together as one type. I have met too many to think that way. But I do know there are common traits among us. Most importantly, we have to be crazy to come up with the things we write about.

But you might be a writer if you have more story ideas in your head or even on little bits of sticky paper than you will ever have time to write. Continue reading “You Know You Are a Writer If”

What was Her Name?

Authors these days are writing series that can have a dozen books or more involved. Readers love to follow the adventures of the characters from the first books through the on-going stories. We see the wedding if it didn’t happen in the first one, we see the kids, we see it all. We know their dogs, cats, and gold fish. If it’s a historical, we know the horses and the servants. Continue reading “What was Her Name?”

I See What You’re Saying

Whenever someone says, I see what you’re saying, I look for the speech balloon. Or the puff of vapor shaped like words. It’s funny, but as a writer, it’s exactly what I am trying to achieve.

The person who sees isn’t using their eyes. They are using their mind’s eye. They can visualize what the words on paper mean. It’s a pretty awesome connection to make with someone. And many writers never get the full impact of how they connected with someone. Continue reading “I See What You’re Saying”

It’s Party Time!

The world is a strange and wonderful place. No less strange and wonderful are the people in it. Take me, for instance. I’m officially a senior citizen, but I love Hollywood Undead. Mostly thanks to my son’s influence, but still, those dudes rock! And when I thing of parties, I think of this song. (Warning: It’s a little, uhm, street wise?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5vA9CwZKNY Continue reading “It’s Party Time!”