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All of us who wrote stories for The Bowman’s Inn are first time or nearly first time authors. We are all excited to be published. And we just wish there was a manual on how to get news out about the book. Let’s face it, people have a lot of choices in the book market these days. Some want a physical book to hold, and we really aren’t ready to publish in that manner yet. Some want a book from an author with a dozen or more titles already out. We’re working on it!

So to help you make a decision, if you haven’t purchased Book One yet, here are some sneak peeks at the stories.

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Sha Rinay thrills us with Steamy Connections:

Adam was one of Erin’s favorite callers and the two of them had developed a routine. He liked when she participated, and with him, only with him, she actually did participate.

After turning on the phone’s speaker function, she sat on her bed with her legs crossed. “How was your day?”

“It was good. Nothing exciting. What about you?”

Her pulse quickened at the sound of his voice. She wanted to keep him talking, craved the feeling of being swathed in the rich reverberation from his lips to her ears. “Nothing exciting here, either.” She kept her voice calm, a contradiction to the tension building within her.

“Well, then, I guess it’s a good thing I called. Seems we could both use some excitement.”

That did it. She was officially turned on. “Do you want me naked?” She teased, knowing he always wanted her naked.

“You know I do. What are you taking off first?”

“Well I actually just got out of the shower so I only need to drop my towel.” She continued in a smoky, playful voice. “Oops. Looks like I’ve come undone.”

“Describe yourself.”

“I’ve described myself to you a hundred times. You could draw a picture of me and it’d be accurate.”

“Humor me.” The smile in his voice warmed her.

“Five-Five, red hair, grey eyes, boobs slightly larger than average.” Adam was the only caller to whom she’d given an accurate description. With him she could be herself. “Now you.”

“You sure you wanna hear it again?”

“Humor me.”

“I’m six feet with a somewhat muscular build. I have dark hair, hazel eyes and a little bit of facial hair. Nothing to write home about.”



She closed her eyes, allowed an image to form in her head, and smiled. “Are you stroking yourself while you’re talking to me?”

“Always. Talking to you turns me on. I’m already hard.”

Gianna Leighton adds mystery with Untied by Lust:

The light scent of roses and honey teased his nose as she touched the knot at his throat. Her plump, pink lips beckoned to him. Was the greenhouse getting hot?

“I like the one you’re wearing today.” A tinge of pink colored her cheeks. “The blue brings out your eyes.”

Her lashes lowered and her lips parted.

“I better go.” He straightened, clearing his throat. We’re friends, nothing more. Yeah, he would just repeat that mantra for the rest of the day.

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Louise Redmann brings new continuing characters to Anteros in Flavor of the Month:

Mac shrugged. “They owe me a favor.”

“Hnh.” She cocked her head to one side. “You’re still here, so what do you owe me?”

He grinned. “Nothing.”

“Then why are you still here?”

“To make sure you owe me. Then I get free ice cream.”

“As long as you realize that’s all you’ll be getting.” Katie tugged on the door handle to go upstairs and, after a thought, held it open for Mac to go through first.

He raised an eyebrow. “You being polite?”

“Well, you know, roaches down here, might be one up there, too.”

“Ah. Don doesn’t live here, you know.”

“A man doesn’t have to live somewhere to leave his mark. Territorial beasts.”

He snorted with laughter. “And by letting me go first, you’re ceding the territory to me.” He paused in front of her, eyes crinkling at the corners. “I find that very interesting.”

His closeness kindled images of being pushed up against the wall and being thoroughly and slowly kissed. Her mouth dried. She swatted at him. “Go on. You’ll get the cobwebs first. I hate spiders.”

The magenta runner needed replacing. What else needed updating? Regardless, she had a home. What if it was full of May’s things? She shivered, and set off behind Mac, trying not to stare at his tight backside.

He whirled and threw something at her. Katie screamed and frantically searched her clothes and hair. “Was that a spider?”

“No.” He held up empty hands, eyes gleaming with humor. “See?”

She glared at him. “If you’re not careful, I’ll include you on the list of pests to be exterminated tomorrow morning.”

Brandy Ayers serves up a Strange Brew:

“His strong arms wrapped around her waist, dragging her body to press full length against his. The lips she’d been admiring just minutes earlier rushed down onto hers.

Frozen, her arms hung at her sides, mouth closed and eyes wide open. This was her first kiss with a man other than her husband in almost twenty years. She waited for guilt, shame, or sadness to fill her. But they never came. Instead, an intense heat poured through her veins and pooled between her hips.

He backed away from their embrace, and she caught the regret in his eyes. She’d never responded. His fingers lingered on her waist, but before he broke contact with her completely, she pounced, throwing her arms around his neck, dragging him back to her mouth. His lips curled at the corners into a smile, making her giggle.”

E.D. Vaughn delivers a different take on love in Wish Upon a Dream:

“You disappeared on me.”

The rumbling voice startled me, causing me to yip and almost fall. The weighted bar on my shoulder slipped. My body buzzed when I realized who had appeared out of thin air. “You scared me.”

“Sorry, just got excited when I saw you here. Need any help?”

Air would be good before I passed out. Mouth-to-mouth? “No!” Not sure if that’s intended for him or myself. “I’m just finishing up.” That I’d only just started the workout didn’t matter; I couldn’t function around this guy let alone work out. Hell, I couldn’t do anything but drool. My reaction to him freaked me out.

He looked far better than I remembered from a few weeks ago. I wonder where that tattoo ends? His damned shirt obscured my view, and the notion of tearing the offending garment off danced happily through my mind.

“Oh. Well, let me put this back for you, then.” He grabbed the bar as though it weighed nothing.

Wow. Fuck, the back looks just as good as the front.

And you had my Roxanna Haley peek last time.

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Hope you liked the teasers, thanks for reading. I’ll be back on Thursday. My thanks to Marianne Stark for the eye-catching graphics.

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