It’s Party Time!

The world is a strange and wonderful place. No less strange and wonderful are the people in it. Take me, for instance. I’m officially a senior citizen, but I love Hollywood Undead. Mostly thanks to my son’s influence, but still, those dudes rock! And when I thing of parties, I think of this song. (Warning: It’s a little, uhm, street wise?)

And yes, there is going to be a BIG PARTY! On Facebook! For the release of The Bowman’s Inn Book One – SPRING! On May 20th, for four hours, you can live chat with the authors and maybe win some cool swag! We’re all so excited, and I have been having a great time designing things to give away. I hope to do more but I just didn’t think clearly enough about the funding for the swag.

Featured image

Luckily, the money will hang around for the next book party in July for Book Two – SUMMER. Yes, the fun will continue for at least a year, and if we are getting enough interest, we may even go for a second year. Imagine that!

The best part of this anthology situation is that I get to work closely with talented people like E.D. Vaughn, Brandy Ayers, Sha Renee, Gianna Leighton, and Louise Redmann. They are also extremely fun ladies, and it is my pleasure and privilege to hang out with them virtually and to call them friends. And I get to read their stories before anyone else does. So yeah, it’s all worth it.

Featured image

This party will be a BYOBB (Bring Your Own Book Boyfriend) and only virtual snacks and drinks will be available. But the swag will include tote bags and tank tops, and Amazon Gift Cards! And we may just be posting our favorite males out of the Candy Dish. That’s a special thread in the Writers Who Love Romance group’s forum, and let me tell you, there are some delights there!

SUMMER stories will focus on a rodeo that comes to Anteros every year. The crowd attracted by the event will wander in to The Bowman’s Inn at various times, bringing their heart aches with them, and with luck the bartender will help them find the meaning of true love.

Featured image

If you are interested in attending the event, be sure to follow us on Facebook at The Bowman’s Inn page: Notices and invites will be going up very soon. Oh look, they already are up!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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