Why do We Love Fairy Tales?

This could also be titled, my years as an ugly stepsister. But I never lived with my stepsister and I was a cute kid. I have been told. None of the pets I ever had sang or danced or even talked to me. No prince came to rescue me from a tower until I was really old (still pretty cool to happen at all) and no gold coins or roses fell out of my mouth when I spoke unless I had planted them there first.

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My mom often teased me about giving me to the Indians, and I never let her know how much I would have liked that, but that was as close as I ever came to being left in the woods. If I had found a house made out of candy and graham crackers, that witch would have been homeless in short order.

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Long before Disney made Belle a bookworm, Robin McKinley made her fall in love with a beast of a library. http://www.amazon.com/Beauty-Retelling-Story-Beast-ebook/dp/B00OGWASXC That book was one of the first, if not the very first, that opened up the world of retelling fairy tales. Goodreads has quite a list of such books, including The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. https://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/retold-fairy-tales

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These are pretty popular books, having been rated from a high of almost 350,000 to a low of almost 35,000. No wonder Hollywood took notice. I just watched Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters, and have laughed so much at the little anachronisms. Well cast and too funny, I really enjoyed it.

I haven’t seen all of The Brothers Grimm. I got a little lost in the first hour, so gave up. But I may try it again. I think I need to read a synopsis first so I can keep track. I also haven’t seen Snow White and The Huntsman, which is odd since I am a Chris Hemsworth fanatic.

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Is there a fairy tale I would like to rewrite? Possibly one of the Russian tales, like The Snow Queen. I would just love to spend the summer writing about a lot of snow. How about you?

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A Note In Memory: A few weeks ago, the woman who faithfully edited these posts for me passed away. Millie held a place in my life as a sister of the heart, a fan of my scribblings, and an extraordinary person. She loved me and my husband, and we gave her hope that she would one day find a match. After two failed marriages, with three beautiful sons to show for it, she deserved her own happiness.

Sadly, we can never write our lives to work out with that Happily Ever After ending. Millie left us unexpectedly and with little fanfare. One morning, news went out that she was gone. There’s no telling how long it will take those of us who loved her to get used to the idea. The good news is, as someone who spent years in mind-killing pain, she is at rest. She will always be in our hearts, our thoughts, and our gatherings. Good night, Doctor Mildred R. Gordon, and may there be a particularly attentive angel in the flight that sings you to your rest.


One thought on “Why do We Love Fairy Tales?

  1. I love fairy tales too, though I think action movies haven’t done them justice (unless animated). The snow queen would be stunning, I agree. So sorry to hear about your friend, Mildred. Your heartfelt tribute to her was sweet.

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