Many of My BFFs are Writers

If you are a writer and you don’t know any other writers well enough to say, “Let’s go get coffee and talk about the plot,” you have a serious problem. Sure, people you know will talk out the plot with you. They will listen to you rant about the characters, and they will nod knowingly when you talk about publishing. But they have a very slight chance of knowing what the whole world of a writer is about.

I am blessed to belong to RWA-San Diego. All RWA chapters, even the online ones, are good for you as a writer, even if you are male and even if you don’t write Romance. You will learn so much, you will meet agents and publishers, you will meet other writers who know exactly what you are talking about when you get your 1st or your 101st rejection letter. But the San Diego chapter is something extraordinary. You won’t find too many groups like this. This team pulls together in so many ways. We are one of four chapters in Southern California who put on the California Dreamin’ Writers Convention every other year. We have a Literary Gifts meeting every year, where members donate gift baskets, then buy tickets and try for an opportunity on the baskets we most want. The proceeds are split between club expenses and donations to literacy organizations in our area.

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As if that weren’t enough, I also have a base of great writers who will help me out when I need help. Georgie Lee, Lisa Kessler, Melissa Cutler, Regan Walker, Dara Young, and so many more! Great books written by great women. Each of them has a special gift which they share freely with the chapter members and people they encounter at conventions. How could you not love this?

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I also belong to Scribophile as a premium member. I moderate a group for Romance writers, and keep them on track as much as I can. They cover the whole spectrum of writers: College women with the fire to put words to paper, young married with children women who have a story that needs to be told, and older and wiser women who finally have the time to polish all the words they have written in their lives. Okay, so there’s men in the group as well, and they fall into similar but more masculine categories.

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And with all going on in all our lives, we are now getting published! Our books are realities. Mika Jolie led the charge with her Martha’s Way series. Nikki Belaire, Anna Brooks, and many others followed, and now Kishan Paul has Blind Love published on June 2nd. The talent is stunning.

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So now I will make another mention of my part as Roxanna Haley in The Bowman’s Inn Anthology, Book One – Spring. Along with ED Vaughn, Gianna Leighton, Louise Redmann, Brandy Ayers and Sha Renee, I am so proud of this great collection, and looking forward to Book Two – Summer. And I couldn’t have done it without the support and encouragement of my Writer Friends.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

One thought on “Many of My BFFs are Writers

  1. About 1/2 of my friends are writers. It’s fun to get together with people who enjoy talking about plots, characters, verbs, and participle phrases without their eyes glazing over!

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