Time Enough to Write

We have clarified that you know you are a writer if you have a preponderance of certain traits I listed a few weeks ago. Some readers mentioned that the last paragraph, about families who let them have time to write, was really lacking in their lives. So here are some tips I learned from fellow writers who are blessed with a needy spouse and dependent children.

One young woman plans an extra half hour into her shopping trips for family groceries. During that time, she sits in her car in the parking lot of the grocery store and writes. She gets some funny looks from other shoppers when she reads the dialogue out loud, or when she thinks of a way to make things snap and stops dead in the store to grab a pen and write it down.

Featured image  Mobile writing room.

Then there’s my other friend who cooks dinner for her family while writing on her tablet in the kitchen. The kids have learned not to ask why there is curry in the tuna casserole, and why the mashed potatoes have green chunks. Dinner happens. Her husband sneaks hamburgers home some nights, so that they can give Mom time alone. I think she’s one strawberry meatloaf away from being allowed all the time she needs to write every day.

Featured image  Dinner will be ready in 2k words, honey.

I do know a few men who write, but oddly enough, the subject of finding time to write for them doesn’t seem to come up. I’d love to hear what changes in their lives are needed to get time to write.

One of my favorite unpublished authors who should have her book out before the end of the year works in a stressful, fast-paced environment, but gets three days off at a time. She is not amused when her family makes plans that include her when she has her own plans to write. She started marking the writing days on the calendar, and heaven help the child or spouse who ignores it.

Featured image   I could be home, writing.

For me, now that I am retired, I have a lot more writing time than I had before. And that is not working out as well as planned. It’s so easy to say, today I’ll clean the heater vents and then I can write tomorrow. Of course the next day I have to go shopping, and my laptop just isn’t working, so I can’t write in the parking lot. I even have my own room, my Writing Cabana, where I can someday put my new, working laptop and write without distractions. As soon as I finish sorting all the book in there by genre then author, and clean out the closet, and clean the blinds and the windows. Check back in a couple months.

Featured image

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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