Bad Gals, Bad Guys

When crafting a story, a writer thinks of all the elements needed for the story to have what it needs. A beginning, an middle, and an ending. A protagonist and an antagonist. And a villain.

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Writing a plausable villain can be difficult, and recently I saw a great thing on Pinterest: What if your bad guy is right? What if he wants to stop something bad from happening. What if he has the right idea? As I was trying to come up with a clever title for this post, discarding Bad to the Boner and I’m Bad, Ask Me How! I thought about the difference between a male villain and a female villain.

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There’s a whole villain wiki to check. If only we could harness the power of the nerd. Probably would take more cheese puffs than we could afford. Anyway, turns out there are a good number of evil fems, like the Wicked Witch of the West, and Elle Driver in Kill Bill. You can increase or decrease their ranking at Ranker.

Overall, you can have villains that were once good, and there’s a chance they will return to the good. You can have villains who are only doing their jobs, so really aren’t being bad. And why is it a crime to be a really good bounty hunter or head matron? Also, you can find a villain you like better than the main characters. And his name is L O K Ayeyiyi sorry, lost my train of thought.

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But what I am imagining is a villain who is killing people off maybe a village or planet at a time to preserve some glorious and noble objective. His or her goals are good, it’s the methods that we call madness.

It’s much easier to write a bad person who wants money, or power, or those two, plus sex with the hero or heroine or those two, and who laughs in the face of heroics. This villain fights dirty. And the only way to overcome the rat bastard is to fight dirty in return. Dump all the info you have on his parents. Be ready to back it up with photos and Twitter campaigns.

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I guess I just need to write the story from the villain’s point of view first. Because every bad person is the hero of their own story. They get this close to a goal they have chased for years, only to have some little do-gooder call the police or cut the wires or hold a press conference.

You know who I like best out of the superhero world? The movie version of Iron Man. He’s got the good goals part going. And he knows how to fight villains on their own turf in their own style. How awesome is that?

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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