Seek and Entertain

Somewhere in the wide reading world, you know there is an audience looking for the books you write. There are book-a-day readers who want a hot romance with a fireman, or a sweet romance about a woman farmer, or a sci-fi romance about planets exploding, or male/male romances set on a pirate ship. Now that I mention it, that last one sounds pretty good!

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The biggest hurdle after writing the book is knowing who will read it, and target those people. Get the word out to sewing circles or BDSM clubs about your title. I’m not saying do this because of the money you need to get back on your writing investment. I’m saying this because you must be able to tell agents, publishers, or other writers who those people are.

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For instance, I write Regency erotic Romance, a very special area where the reader wants a bit of history, a lot of sexual tension, a lot of romance, and a happy ending. A chapter of my second Regency Banquet book was critiqued by a history major. Yikes! I had to take some liberties with the place and the army, and while he made some good points, he’s not my target audience. I had to politely say thanks for the crit and move on.

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My target audience covers a wide range of ages, a wide range of social types, and a wide range of sexes. (Just checking to see if you are paying attention.) I know to use Regency cant, the particular slang popular at the time, and attempt to use it in context so the new Regency fan can figure it out. I know to stick to history but not lots of details. And I know the hero must be a man with room for only one woman in his heart. The woman should be strong and seeking independence, but soft at the same time. She doesn’t have to be beautiful but her looks, the sparkle in her eyes, and her smile must grow on the hero until he things she is.

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All in all, the best way to find your audience is to start a blog. The complaint I hear most often is the author doesn’t know what to blog about. I felt that way once, too. I was already doing my bird blog, and had a lot to say about my first parrot, my breeding program, and how to keep cages clean. Then one day I thought, I could write the same bits of info about my writing. How I knew I wanted to be a writer, what I was writing at the time, where I like to go to write, and so many wonderful other topics. I know I will be silly most of the time, too. It works. And I thank all of you readers for your input.

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Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

PS – Happy Father’s Day!

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