Trashy Novels

According to the on-line dictionary that came up randomly, trashy means of poor quality, especially items of popular culture. Novels and Movies. Sometimes, the phrase a trashy novel refers the sexual content, not the quality of the writing. I actually knew someone who (yeah, this was 40 years ago) would buy up all the romance novels at the local thrift stores, and read them. If she found any sex beyond kissing and holding hands, she threw the book in the trash.

I love the scene in the movie Slap Shot where the girlfriend tells her boyfriend, one of the players, she underlined the fuck scenes in the book she sends on the road with him. I learned a long time ago that the largest consumers of romance novels were inmates in prison. Male inmates. This was the only type of porn they could get legally. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

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Before there was sex education in plain English, and before YouTube, the Playboy Channel, or Wikipedia, I picked up most of what I know about sex from the trashy novels. Don’t judge. Just picture my face when my girlfriends told me how babies were really made. Embarrassed laughter and disbelief ruled that day.

Fast forward to current events, when I am writing trashy novels. Well, short stories, but moving on eventually. I learned a lot more from personal experience, but also from reading more trash. And I have come to see that the writing can be awesome.

For instance, Susan Squires’ Magic series. If you haven’t read them, drop everything and get to it. I am anxious for the next novel to come out. and since Lanyon’s story was just published, I am thinking I have a wait. I have to be strong. Anyway, back to the smut. Susan’s characters are genetically predestined to find one person who will be their True Love and Soul Mate, and even knowing this it’s still a kick to observe the two finding each other. So when they DO find each other, there is an attraction that actually seems to take over their thoughts. They have to have sex or die. No, really! And just one encounter will never do. The hard-ons and wide-ons get worse the more they are together.

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Ms. Squires writes it all so beautifully. The heightened senses, the ability to tell where the loved one is at all times, it’s all just a marvelous bit of excellent writing. Today I found myself wishing I was at the Breakers, the house where the main family resides. That’s a pull I haven’t had since Pemberly.

Another excellent writer who throws some sex our way is Molly Harper. She even calls her blog Nice Girls Don’t Write Naughty Books. I devoured her werewolf books, and picked up one of the vampire books, but realized I had a whole bunch to read before I could finish that group. So I while I loved the book I read, I am really speaking to the werewolves when I say the sex is out of this universe. They do mate for life, they find the one true love, and of course they have the heightened senses that wolves have. There’s a little funny bit now and then about marking territory, but in the end, it’s wildly humorous, hot in Alaska, and really not good for expensive underwear.

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Trashy books can be written as well as any book out there. I will continue to research this for the betterment of mankind. This is one of the few tasks I can complete in the comfort of my own bunk.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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