It’s very difficult (ow!) to type out a (ow!) manuscript if you (ow!) have (ow!) tendonitis. Okay, that might have been an exaggeration, but some days I do experience a nagging pain in my wrist and hand while typing.

This usually happens when I have failed to do my wrist exercises as prescribed by the physical therapist I saw when the pain became really bad. Also the tendons in the wrist tend to be very poor at healing, and get worse with age.

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So how does a writer live with tendonitis? There’s a lot of weeping and screaming involved. When the pain gets really bad, I take a break. Oddly enough, the pain is worst at night. I try then to elevate my hand as much as possible. The best thing for me is to ice the wrist. I wear braces when I am resting and after icing, but wearing the braces for too long seems to make the situation worse. I rely more on anti-inflammatory meds, aspirin rubs, and self massage.

Exercises regularly performed can make the tendons healthier. The type of tendonitis I have is called De Quervain’s Tendonosis. Here’s a chiropractor talking about how to get your forearm muscles to relax and stop yanking on the wrist tendons. My hero, Dr. Levi Harrison, shows warm-ups and exercises for your wrists. The exercises he does with the weight is very similar to the ones I was instructed to do, three sets of 20, but without the weight. And I was also instructed to do a set with my hand vertical instead of horizontal. That one is difficult for anyone to do in public, as it looks like you are performing a pretty good hand job on someone. My husband never fails to tease me about it.  The four exedrcises on this page are what I was told to use.

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Many people in office environments get carpal tunnel syndrome. How do you tell if you have that and not tendonitis? I was told when I saw the doctor for my tendonitis that carpal tunnel will mostly cause pain on the top of your hand and arm. Tendonitis is more the bottom and the outside of the hand and wrist. In reading articles on line for this, I haven’t found any clear-cut observation like that. In fact, the two conditions mimic each other, and the best way to find out is to go see your doctor. Get a few ice packs on the way.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.