Stories I Can’t Write #1

Hanging out with writers as I do, I hear about stories that are going on in other writers’ heads. I’m used to that, but the ones that make me grit my teeth are the ones I hear from non-wirters who probably will not give me permission to use it. Sometimes I just don’t know enough of the details. Of course, I am a writer and I can make things up. My favorite story that has to stay in the back of my head is something that happened to a young man of my acquaintance. We’ll call him Bob. He’d gone to a party alone, and saw a young woman whom he hadn’t seen in some years. We’ll call her Edna. He eventually went over to say hello to her, and she asked if he wanted to go somewhere quieter so they could talk. She took him into the basement room, and without preamble gave him head. Trust me, no male of any age is going to say no to that! Featured imageFeatured image A few days later, the young man’s roommate, now called Tom, met up with Edna and another female. Susie. Tom wanted to spend time with Susie, but she wouldn’t leave her friend Edna. So Tom invited both ladies back to the apartment, expecting Edna to hook up with Bob while he romanced Susie. What Tom didn’t know was that Bob already had someone in his bed with him. Let’s call her Jane. Bob didn’t lock the door to his room. Edna walked into his room, saw Jane with Bob, and then walked right back out. Jane told Bob, “Someone just walked into your room.” Bob answered half asleep that it was no big deal. They both went back to sleep. Featured imageFeatured image Poor Edna spent the night on the couch until Susie and Tom got up in the morning and Edna informed Tom that is great surprise had failed. Totally failed. The ladies went home, and when Bob said goodbye to Jane a bit later, Tom could not apologize enough to Bob. The moral of the story? I don’t think there is one. You see, Jane didn’t want a relationship, and Edna really was interested in Tom, so they got together and look to be having a great time getting to know each other. There’s even a chance that had Edna joined Bob and Jane in the bed, no one would have had any problems with that. Do you think Edna and Jane might have ended up together? Featured image Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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