Is Eye Candy Fattening?

Is Eye Candy Fattening?

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I need something a little light and frothy, something cheerful and wonderful. How about you? Everyone has different tastes in Eye Candy. Cowboys, firemen, soldiers, and doctors. Tattoos or none, clean shaven or stubbled or full-on beard. Hair of any length you can imagine, or even a shaved head. We all have fantasies of our perfect man, and writers turn theirs into Book Boyfriends.

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Some of us find a model or celebrity to model our heros after. We pin every picture we can find on our Pinterest boards. I’m such a Parker Hurley fan, I had to move his pins to a separate board for the book(s) he is in. I made him twins, because he’s that good.

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Obviously, there are as many ideas of the perfect man as there are women who write. And readers who love romance. If the guy loves dogs or cats, that is such a bonus. For both, that’s over the top!

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We love men from all over the planet.

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There are special places in our hearts for certain photographers. If you do not know Michael Stokes, you MUST follow this link. Not only does he portray men in fantasy settings and costumes, he also creates some of the most outstanding Wounded Warrior portraits you will ever see.

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I have to admit, not a lot of women seem to go for the sports jock types. I was more attracted to football players as a teenager, but now it’s hockey all the way.

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If you have a hero, you probably have to have a heroine. OR another hero. OR – well, let’s just leave it at that for now. Here are some of the ladies that have inspired me.

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Thanks for reading, and looking, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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