Kindle Finger

I was reading a magazine, and needed to turn the page. But no matter how many times I tapped the right edge of the page, it didn’t turn. I am ashamed to admit how long it took me to realize that I was reading paper, not my reader. (I actually have a Nook, but Nook Finger just sounds wrong.)

Currently, I do most of my reading on my phone. It’s a good size, I can make the font large, and I can tap to turn pages while holding it. At my age, with my eye sight and arthritis, a real book is usually not my best reading option. I still love them and can’t resist picking up a few. My comfy chair in the living room has a light directly over it and I can put on my arm braces and read for a while.

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With my phone’s reader app, I can read for hours. And as soon as I finish the book, I can select another without getting out of the chair. Or, as I am currently doing, I can pause in the middle of a Neil Stephenson monster novel and take a break with Ernest Cline’s Armada. When I finish that, I can get right back to the exact page where I left off.

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There seems to be so much discussion and contention about real books versus ereaders. Why? This should be the easiest thing for readers to be tolerant about. At my most recent RWA chapter meeting, we heard that for every real book sold on Amazon, 20 or so ebooks are sold. It’s not going to wipe out real books by any means.

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As a writer, I know I am lucky to live in the times when I can publish my own work in electronic form. I have lots of fans of my writing, but it just doesn’t sell to agents or publishers. I suppose I should say, Yet. Because I have a feeling my contemporaries might do better than my Regencies or Paranormals or Science Fiction romances.

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And my ebook isn’t selling in huge amounts, but it is selling several copies every month. If I could just get the second book out, I bet things would improve. The Anthologies sell very well, again not enough to make us all rich, but enough so that fans look forward to the next book. And many of the writers have gone on to publish their own novels! They make me proud. I have them all on my reader.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

One thought on “Kindle Finger

  1. Which Neal Stephenson novel are you currently reading?

    I will always prefer a physical book to an electronic one, though I certainly do love my Nook GlowLight. Most of the books I read tend to weigh a fair amount, especially when combined with everything else in my purse. An e-reader has definitely helped in that aspect! Plus, I can read in bed with the glow of the screen (It can dim down quite a bit) without worrying about waking my husband. There’s no sound of a crinkly page, either.

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