Autumn at the End of August

I hope you are familiar with the anthology The Bowman’s Inn that I have worked on and contributed to. With a few other authors, I have published short stories around a theme in Book I Spring, and Book II Summer. We’re about to get Book III Autumn to press, but the odd thing about writing this sort of themed story is that it is blazing hot now and we have to write about Halloween and storms and all that fun stuff.

I had to research costumes for my story, as Nate casually suggests to Charlene that they go as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. She loves the idea, so my shape shifting cop ends up at The Bowman’s Inn dressed in a really silly wolf costume.

Featured imageFeatured image

Meanwhile, Roxanna Haley is sending the kids from the Summer story out into the woods. J’hari wants to be a nymph, and she wants real vegetation for her costume. And there’s a big storm about to break. Valentine Archer, the bartender, warns them to be really careful, because that particular stretch of wooded hills and dales has been there for centuries, and is part of a state park. The trees are protected, but so close to All Hallow’s Eve, who will protect the humans?

Featured image

New to the anthology, Ash Litton is writing about college sweethearts who drifted apart, but run into each other at the Anteros University Alumni Weekend. Football and fiesty fries, and a drink that helps break down the walls that were never meant to keep them apart. (Ash also drew the Anteros University logo below.)

Featured imageFeatured image

Almost the minute that these stories are finished, we will begin to talk about Winter. Snow, ice, holiday rush, and lovers stranded miles apart. Just some of the possibilities we’ll consider.

For Autumn, the authors will be myself, of course, and my alter-ego, Roxanna Haley. Milli Gilbert is back from Summer, as well as ED Vaughn and Kate Whitaker. Joining the anthology for the first time are E.M. Youman, Ash Litton, and Harper Saxby. I can’t get over how talented they are, and how willing to set aside their own projects temporarily so that this anthology can be completed.

On the horizon, once we have Autumn and Winter out there, we’ll get a chance to offer all four books from the first year as a box set. We may have a chance to put together special holiday stories, and Bowman’s Inn calendars. Above all, we will charge ahead for a second year. I can’t wait to see where these characters are going and where they end up.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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