Supporting Characters

Writers write. We sit in chairs, or couches, or at tables. We use pens, pencils, tables, computers, even crayons when inspiration strikes. If we are smart, or lucky, we use a balance ball for some of the sitting, or have a stand up desk, or top of the wish list, a treadmill desk.

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Even so, there is something that all writers, and in fact all persons who want to improve their health, really need. Support. Not only someone to encourage you to exercise and eat right, but someone to be accountable to as well.

Let me introduce you to my supporting characters. I have to shout out to Kim R., the nutritionist who shows up every week to run a no-cost weight loss support group near my home. This group is unique in so many ways, and keeps me looking for daily positive things to post on the Facebook page.

Through that group, I met my first walking buddy, Cathy R. Out of nowhere, she asked me if I wanted to go walking with her, and we clicked. Every Wednesday and Friday, I meet her at a near-by lake and we walk for an hour. We have a common love of Beatles and are both fighting the same weight fight. Cathy is a great role model because she reached her goal weight. A few things we’ve talked about have ended up in stories, too, but don’t tell her that.

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On Tuesdays, my walking buddy is Leela K. We worked together for many years, and are now both retired. Leela is amazing. She plays ukelele, and has a group practice on Tuesdays near the place where we walk. She goes on 16 mile hikes almost every week. She makes sure I get up part way toward Double Peak, and has shown me better ways to plank and stretch, and makes sure I don’t feel bad about all the huffing and puffing I do getting up that hill.

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My most recent exercise buddy is Becky A. Becky went to the same high school as my husband, and has been joining us for our game nights. When I mentioned that I really wanted to get a chance to swim more often, she offered to let me come to her apartment complex and swim with her. As hot as this summer has been, I could never thank her enough. We swim, we chat, we encourage each other, and we have the best time while being healthy. I look forward to her texts or Facebook messages saying she’s going in the pool.

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With all this support, in spite of the heat, I have lost a few pounds. I even walked on my own an extra day. How awesome is that? I might just live long enough to write all my stories after all.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

One thought on “Supporting Characters

  1. I loved the uplifting tone of this post! It’s always great to have a support system, for usual trials and tribulations of life, for blogging, for writing, or for a weight loss journey. It’s great that you’ve found great places to go swimming and hiking! I certainly do miss walking around Double Peak. 😀

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