Healthy Holidays!

The best way to enjoy the coming holiday season is to prepare as much as possible in advance. That’s right, making lists and checking them twice. Gifts, parties, school plays, concerts, and feasts. This applies to your health more than any other area. How are you going to eat the right foods and get the exercise you need when you are so busy? Don’t even think about writing time and edits. Continue reading “Healthy Holidays!”


News of the Day

Once almost every month, I learn something really important about the craft of writing. Often I learn things through out the months, but on the third Saturday, I know I will be getting together with lots of my fellow writers, some published, some just beginning, some like me in a weird middle ground. And we will have a speaker or two and we will learn important things. Continue reading “News of the Day”

Look into My Soul Windows

Writers have always known that the eyes are the best communication tools on the human body. Eyes can’t withhold information, and can glitter, glint, gaze, and glance with the best of them. I spend time on Pinterest doing research (Official Story) and nearly every day I am attracted to eyes on a model or person. So here are some of my favorites. Continue reading “Look into My Soul Windows”

Who Invented Sex?

This simple question was thrown out in a joking manner by my husband. My silly answer was that amoebas probably thought about it and wished they had the equipment to do it. So I decided that would be a fun topic to cover in this blog. There’s a multi-part documentary called The History of Sex from 1999, but I want to look beyond humans. I doubt we primates invented the act, or are the only creatures who do it just for fun sometimes. Continue reading “Who Invented Sex?”

Almost All Greek to Me

Under the pen name of Roxanna Haley, I created and have keep contributing to an anthology called The Bowman’s Inn. The basis of the story is that Cupid or Eros has been reincarnated as a hunk named Valentine Archer, and he has found Psyche in her current life as Amanda Boone. They run the pub and hotel for which the anthology is named. Continue reading “Almost All Greek to Me”

How to NOT Write a Book

I spend many hours looking at blogs and books that will tell me the best way to write a book, define a character, improve my story arc, help me connect with my audience, and sell a bazillion copies of the book on line. So I am not going to talk about any of that. That stuff has been covered to the point of exhaustion. I’m going to whine, I mean, explain, why books don’t get written. Continue reading “How to NOT Write a Book”

Mysterious Galaxy Part Two: Sir Terry Pratchett

Last time I wrote about the recent, still fresh in my mind, book signing by the funny man Christopher Moore. A week after the event, and I continue to be optimistic and happy due to that encounter. So it’s time to bring me down a notch. I’m going back a number of years here, so my memories may be less accurate. Continue reading “Mysterious Galaxy Part Two: Sir Terry Pratchett”