Mysterious Galaxy Part One: Christopher Moore

There’s a place in my world where many power lines of writing talent converge. As a result, I have met many authors, attended many classes and workshops, and purchased many, many books. Many. The high points in this Network Of Writing Talent (NOWT) are local science fiction conventions, RWA chapter meetings, and an independent bookstore called Mysterious Galaxy.

This bookstore has existed in three different locations in the time I have known it. It converges with the RWA nexus because the first author I went to see in their original location was a member of the club. That was the first time I had a book signed by someone I kind of knew. That’s been a fun trend.

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But recently, I got to meet and chat with a writer whom I have only known through his writing. Christopher Moore is a funny guy! I knew that from his writing, but to have him be so much like his beta male character Charlie in A Dirty Job came as a surprise and a treat. The room was packed to capacity. The only way to get more fans in would be to move the books out.

Well, we did move a large number of books out. Mostly copies of the sequel to A Dirty Job, Secondhand Souls. With the glow in the dark cover. Chris happily signed up to two books for each fan. One fan had purchased a book by another author in addition to the one Chris was signing. He took that book, crossed out the printed name of the author, and signed it himself.

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Mr. Moore took a little longer to come out and talk to us than expected, because some nice ladies made him a cake. A huge four-layer cake with part of the cover of Secondhand Souls on top. Didn’t get to see if it glowed in the dark. Of course, nerd that he is, he told us The Cake is a Lie! Nerds that we are, we laughed.

On his Facebook page, a fan gushed about the book and said she noticed a typo. Who should she contact about that? Christopher Moore told her to cross it out with a pen and correct it. He would initial it when he saw her. He told us that he is at an age where he’s lived longer than his dad did, and is approaching the age when his mom passed away. He’s on Death’s Porch. Apparently Death runs in his family.

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I have been privileged to know a few of the behind-the-scenes folks at Mysterious Galaxy, and I can’t thank them enough for the great events they put together. I look for their email every week to find out who is next. I missed Ernest Cline. But I have a feeling he will be back, as will Chris Moore. And I will be there, if at all possible.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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