Almost All Greek to Me

Under the pen name of Roxanna Haley, I created and have keep contributing to an anthology called The Bowman’s Inn. The basis of the story is that Cupid or Eros has been reincarnated as a hunk named Valentine Archer, and he has found Psyche in her current life as Amanda Boone. They run the pub and hotel for which the anthology is named.

Let me tell you, writing about a Greek god has its challenges. Really, he has to have limitations or the whole story will be too short. And there has to be a goal that he can’t just wave into existence. For Autumn, Val has to deal with a distant relative, the East Wind, Euros.

Featured imageFeatured image

For the Halloween party, young J’hari wants to dress as a nymph. She goes into the forest to cut foliage, taking her sweetheart Cole along to do the heavy lifting. Euros really was into nymphs, and he decides Jay is the one for him. He causes a huge storm to roll into Anteros and snatches the kids.
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Val has been feeling restless, knowing something like this might happen. So he and Mandy will go try to resuce the teenagers. The power is out in town, so the pub has to close anyway. I can’t decide if I want anyone to be trapped in the elevator.

Well, you will get to read all of that once the stories come out. But I just am amazed at the wealth of characters available in Greek mythology. I thought I knew something about the subject, but not nearly enough. Luckily I can learn as I write.

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And what ideas I am getting! For instance, the goddess Philotes was brought forth from her mother, Nyx, without any other parent involved. We’ve all heard that before, right? Ms. Phil represents the spirit of friendship and affection. Tartarus was a primordial deity that existed before the Olympians. He ruled a darker underworld, far below Hades. It was a dungeon used for horrible monsters, the worst of criminals, and the defeated rivals of the gods themselves.

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Can you imagine if Philotes came to Anteros for some R&R at the same time Tartarus did, and they fell in love? Loyal Phil would have a hard time letting Mr. T go back, but he has a job to do. How could that work out for a happily for now ending? Stay tuned, it might be the perfect Winter story to come.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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