Writers have always known that the eyes are the best communication tools on the human body. Eyes can’t withhold information, and can glitter, glint, gaze, and glance with the best of them. I spend time on Pinterest doing research (Official Story) and nearly every day I am attracted to eyes on a model or person. So here are some of my favorites.

Blue eyes are nice, sometimes a cliché, but can be very attractive.

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Eyes can be sultry, happy, angry.

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Eyes are innocent even when the person might not be.

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Eyes give away the playful side, the sexy side.

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Eyes let you in on a secret.

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Look around you today, and be thankful for all that you can see.  Notice the eyes of your friends and of strangers. What are they trying to tell you? What are they hoping you won’t see?

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.