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Once almost every month, I learn something really important about the craft of writing. Often I learn things through out the months, but on the third Saturday, I know I will be getting together with lots of my fellow writers, some published, some just beginning, some like me in a weird middle ground. And we will have a speaker or two and we will learn important things.

My RWA chapter meeting also has a PRO breakfast ahead of the meeting. I can choose to attend, and often do. And what I learned last Saturday made my head spin with possibilities. But can I really use the information I learned?

Well, one thing that impressed me came from Melissa Cutler, an amazing writer and true gift to the chapter. She said that as a writer, you will find your readers on Facebook. But Twitter is your water cooler.

Featured imageFeatured image Women doing the heavy lifting while the guys take a meeting.

Writers work alone, most of the time. I am getting a bunch of writing done right now because my husband is sitting at his desk reading. Much as I love him, the day has been way too hot to do much until now. A cooling breeze is coming in, and my work is clear. During the week, I get work done while he is elsewhere. It is sad but true that writers don’t come in packs.

Featured image  “What does your shirt mean?” asks the barista. “Is that Doctor Who?” Oh, kids these days. Courtney Milan on Twitter.

This is one reason the RWA chapter meetings are so great, because we touch base with those who understand us. Scribophile is the same thing, and luckily it is available 24/7. But most authors, agents, and publishers hang out on Twitter.

Featured image

If you know the house or agent for whom you want to writer, then find them on Twitter and stalk the heck out of their tweets. They expect it. And when you get the chance for that elevator pitch, you can start the conversation by saying, “I loved your tweet about the price of tea in China! In fact, I have a story that takes place in a tea house when white tea first became a big thing.” Of course, he or she will say, “Really? I’d love to hear the pitch.”

Do not say, “It’s about a tea house when white tea first became a big thing.” Dig in and sell that story. It’s about a man, a woman, and the tea they love. It’s a who-dunit of the first water. It’s based on Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Tea Time. And it will sell a bazillion copies in the first printing.

Featured imageRomantic water cooler for Romance Writers.

Well, that’s my water cooler story. I am approaching a lull between the Bowman’s Inn anthologies, and hope to catch up with things I have promised people, things I have been ignoring too long, and putting all the stuff I have learned into good use. Back to seclusion for me.

Featured image

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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