Healthy Holidays!

The best way to enjoy the coming holiday season is to prepare as much as possible in advance. That’s right, making lists and checking them twice. Gifts, parties, school plays, concerts, and feasts. This applies to your health more than any other area. How are you going to eat the right foods and get the exercise you need when you are so busy? Don’t even think about writing time and edits.

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Let’s look at Halloween. If you celebrate this fun time of year, you need to know that you can make sensible choices. Sure, if you are in costume, no one will know who is eating all the brownies. But you will know, and you will feel it. If you are going to a party, be sure to bring something to eat that you like and that is healthy for everyone. And for the little monsters who are going to ring your doorbell, why not give out something better than candy? Oriental Trading Company has great buys on holiday themed items that will not rot teeth or tempt you to over-indulge.

Thanksgiving is one of the worst holidays for sensible eating. Not only is every fond tradition of carbs and sweets laid out before you, not only will you crush Grandma’s heart if you don’t try her ambrosia, not only is it a patriotic symbol of Native Americans taking time out from laughing at European settlers to help them survive a little longer, because they didn’t have cable yet, but your Aunt Sally will be there asking you why you aren’t married/remarried/pregnant, your dad will be telling stories about the time you set the garage on fire curling your hair, and Uncle Phil will be getting drunk and saying what he really thinks about everyone. It’s an emotional roller coaster that just begs to be soothed with comfort food.

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Don’t do it. If you really can’t face the relatives, make other plans. It is your life. I used to go to Disneyland rather than choose between my mom’s group or my dad’s. If you can’t bail, focus on lean and green, farm to fork, less processed, the better. And then allow yourself a small bite of you favorite thing. Bread to me is a close second to candy and chocolate. Don’t judge me. I will have a spoon full of dressing instead of pie. Well, I might have a bite of pie, but only if my husband offers it, because I don’t want another one of those incidents like last year. The stains never came out of the table cloth.

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When I don’t get invited anywhere for Thanksgiving, Mike and I like to go to a local restaurant owned by a family. We watched their kids grow up, they watched ours. The cooking is so good and home made and the best part is, my house doesn’t get any left overs. No hassle, no cleaning, I am totally thankful.

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I’ll look at the Winter holidays in December and January in a month, but for the best solution to any holiday temptation, remember this. Most holidays come around every year. Leap year doesn’t, but who really celebrates that? Treat yourself like the special person you are. Make a journal, record what you eat, what you wanted to eat, and why. Be accountable to someone to share that journal, and let them praise you for sticking to the plan. You can’t beat that for a special present to yourself.

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Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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