I Love My Calender People!

Writers, especially Romance writers, especially the ones I hang out with, like to find a model or actor who looks like they envision their main characters to look. I have whole boards on Pinterest devoted to Works In Progress (WIP) and one for potential use at another time. Continue reading “I Love My Calender People!”


Winter Holidays and Health

Last month I shared ways to stay healthy mentally and physically as the Holiday season gets going. Halloween is just days away and Thanksgiving looms large. Remember, do what makes you happy. Stress will lower your resistance to infections and illnesses. Continue reading “Winter Holidays and Health”

Someone to Look Up To

I adore Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkorsigan universe novels that revolve around Miles Naismith Vorkorsigan and his daring and possibly fool-hearty escapades. One of the reasons Miles is so very endearing is due to his physical oddities. The results of an assassination attempt on his parents while he was still in the womb turned his bones to jelly and eliminated his parents’ ability to have more children. The end result after lots of medical intervention on a mutant-fearful planet, was that Miles didn’t have enough height for his ambition and imagination. Continue reading “Someone to Look Up To”

This is it! Light the Lights!

Hi folks! Unless something has gone horribly wrong, today Amazon will have our third Bowman’s Inn anthology, Autumn, up for sale. We’re really excited because now we are reaching the number of books that might actually get attention from readers. I mean besides family and friends. I remember being so excited when we sold a copy of Summer, but it turned out to be one of the actual authors doing research. Continue reading “This is it! Light the Lights!”

Autumn in the Air

While it’s still a humid 80-plus degrees f in my corner of California, Autumn is all I can think about. Because Book Three of The Bowman’s Inn is Autumn, and it will be published on October 18th. How exciting is that?

It’s so exciting that my fellow authors need to be introduced. You know me and my alter ego Roxanna Haley. So now meet the only other author to stick with the anthology from the beginning, E. D. Vaughn. Continue reading “Autumn in the Air”

Aching to Write

Writing is my drug. I write a lot of non-fiction just to have something going on. I rarely run out of ideas for blogs, and I love posting things on Facebook. That said, there are days when I am aching to write on my Work In Progress (WIP) and can’t because I need a blog. I guess I have two levels of my drug. One is the write anything but keep writing drive, and the other is the write the characters and get them into trouble drive. Continue reading “Aching to Write”


How will your protagonist get around in your story? How far away are they from the place where the story will unfold? How do you measure the distance and time needed to travel?

Some stories take place all in one setting, and the characters can move around on foot, like my favorite werewolf stories by Molly Harper that take place in a little town in Alaska. Sure, they do travel at times in trucks and other hearty vehicles, but mostly they go from the saloon to home and back again. Easy peasy as long as the weather holds.

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Continue reading “Locomotion!”