Tales of the Were People

Only a few weeks left until the third book of the Bowman’s Inn, Autumn, goes to print. I am so excited, and so nervous. This will be the largest volume of the Anthology yet, with a number of great new authors involved. And we have three whole paranormal shifter romances this time!

I love shifters. If I haven’t said it before, there are a few reasons I love these stories, but number one is the whole only one mate in the world, and we mate for life aspect. I know a lot of people who would be so happy if there was a perfect mate for them somewhere. And if there was a guarantee that the relationship would last for their whole life.

From Molly Harper’s wolves to Thea Harrison’s dragons to Shelley Laurenston’s prideful lions, I can’t get enough. There is so much humor along for the ride, and the wonderful meeting and knowing of each other. And still, every story is different. Let me show you what I mean.


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“So, hoss. Have you actually told her you’re in love with her?”
“She won’t let me. When I tried, she threw me down a flight of stairs.”
“And you’re not concerned about that?”
“There weren’t that many steps.”


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“Well, that cinched it. He was an asshole. I was definitely going to end up sleeping with him.”


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“So is that your long, scaly reptilian tail or are you just happy to see me?”

I’ll give you a peek at my Bowman’s Inn story, The Nature of Love, which has a bit of humor, too.

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“Back off, copper, or the lady gets plugged.”
Charlene struggled, until she heard the click of the safety sliding off. Dang it, I’m in real trouble now. Nate turned and glanced at her, and sighed loudly enough for her to hear him. He raised his hands but didn’t let go of the gun.
Oh, she was in for a scolding.

There is usually sex between the mates, and there is often a bite mark to seal the mating. There’s growling, spitting, hissing, and all that stuff you expect in good sex. Another of my favorite scenes is from my Jaguar Shifters story that may or may not be written some day, The Way She Moves. The two have just run in to each other unexpectedly, and Ash has convinced Romela to let him help her in her quest. He says they need to get used to each other in animal form first.
He turned to find a stunning black female jaguar watching him with dark gold eyes, coolly twitching her tail and scenting the air. She shook her head, as if the scent displeased her, then bounded away into the waves.

He followed. Chasing her took little effort, not catching her too quickly required rather more skill. She turned and stood her ground after a time, until a wave knocked her over. He dove under the female, pushing her to the surface, but she growled and swatted him away.

Ash liked being in love. He didn’t know if anything would work out between them. But this part he enjoyed. He caught a silver flash in the water, and pounced on a large fish. He ran up the shore with it, growling more to attract Romela’s attention than to warn her away.

She followed him, sniffing, and making sweet soft cries like a cub would. Ash let her take the fish in her mouth, and start eating. He pulled some of it back, and laughed as she swiped at him. He rolled onto his side in the sand, chomping on the fish and watching her. When she finished, she licked her paws delicately, and went back into the ocean to clean her face. She trotted back to his side, and rolled onto her back. Ash licked her jaw, wishing they could shift there and be mates still. But the night air grew cool, and he knew the time for playing had ended.

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Not really full of the humor other shifter stories have, but I had a more serious plot in mind. Yet that one little scene was fun to write and the part critiquers have liked the most. So who knows?
Anyway, watch this space for the news of the third Bowman’s Inn book coming your way in just a few weeks. Join us on Facebook, too, for lots of fun leading up to the publication. https://www.facebook.com/TheBowmansInn

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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