A Wonderful Day for Reading

Any day can hold special moments for reading: a break in the work day, when the baby is nursing or sleeping, if there’s nothing interesting on Netflix, at the end of the day when you just want to relax before sleeping. As a retired person, I schedule time in the middle of my day to take a break and read.

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Today, however, is a special and wonderful reading day. The clouds have opened up in Southern California and blessed us with rain. Time to brew up a pot of tea, sit in a comfy chair, and follow PC Peter Grant through the magical Rivers of London or step back to Regency England with Mary Balogh’s blind hero and his new bride as they announce their marriage to his rich, high society family. Tough call.


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Last night we had friends over for a Cards Against Humanity, beer drinking, and pancake eating party. A good time was had by all, and I will be on my best healthy eating behavior today to make up for the pancakes last night. I was fairly active during the day to get the house clean enough for guests, and then we were up well past our usual bedtime. So a day like this with very little planned is ideal.

I do have to spend many hours here at the computer to get the blogs for the week lined up, get the next Bowman’s Inn anthology ready to be formatted, and get my brain back to my Regency Banquet series in hopes of getting the second book there ready to go. But I won’t have to do anything outside like weed or repot plants. And the house looks pretty good, so there’s not much to do there.

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To be healthy I will not spend more than two hours at a time sitting. I hope the rain holds to my schedule, so that I can enjoy it on my frequent reading breaks. I’ll sit in my chair with my parrot on my lap and indulge in a mental vacation.

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But not for too long. I take my writing deadlines seriously and need to get some healthy writing done in several areas. And if I get lonely, I can always go find Mike at our friend’s shop where they are brewing beer today. I might just drop in for a smooch break, and bring extra ice to help cool down the brew. Then I can sit and read with my friend to see if she is enjoying the Nook we handed down to her.

Come to think of it, the shop would have a much better view of the rain.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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